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SA man detained unlawfully in Afghanistan


The family of a Cape Town contractor employed by an American firm in Afghanistan, claim he is being detained unlawfully.

Phillip Frank Young was arrested a month ago for murder and is currently being held in Kabul, without charge.

On the first of October, Young, who works as a logistics officer, got into an argument with a group of Afghani security guards.
The men were heavily armed but apparently dressed in plain clothes, which caused Young to become suspicious.
One of the men fired at Young after he called on them to lower their weapons.

Young returned fire killing one of the guards.
His brother Patrick says it was self defence.
“There were six witnesses to the event and they all agreed he had fired in self defence,” says Patrick.
Young’s family say under the law, he has to be released because he was not charged in the prescribed two week period.
They have started a campaign sending letters to the president of Afghanistan and the American government to secure his release.

Original Story here

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