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KBR Employee (Anna Mayo) Says She Was Raped and Beaten By Fellow KBR Employee in Iraq

MsSparky.com broke this story on Anna Mayo’s brutal rape and assault on December 4, 2009. Naturally we would not disclose her name at that time. Anna is the niece of KBR’s LOGCAP IV Principal Program Manager Mike Mayo – the #1 guy.

June 3, 2010
Anna Mayo’s Lawsuit Is The Latest In A Series Against Military Contractor

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Houston Wednesday, Anna Mayo was working at KBR’s facility in Balad in November 2009 when she was assaulted by an unnamed rapist who worked for KBR. She charges that she was choked unconscious with a rope, beaten and raped. The suit seeks damages from KBR and from KBR subsidiary Service Employees International Inc., the contractor that employed Mayo from 2008 to 2009.

Without releasing the name of the victim, an Army spokesman confirmed that the military has investigated an alleged sexual assault that occurred at the time and place specified in Mayo’s suit.  Read the full post here

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In desperation KBR attorneys attempted to “encourage” Army to reconsider


On February 23, 2010 the law firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge sent a letter to the Army on behalf of their client KBR. The letter was entitled:

Re:  Request for Reconsideration of Denial of Use of LGEN (Ret.) Ricardo S. Sanchez as Expert Witness

Apparently the Army’s recent decision to not allow LGEN (Ret.) Ricardo S. Sanchez to supply expert testimony on KBR’s behalf didn’t sit well.

I first blogged about LGEN Sanchez testimony in March but didn’t have the letter at that time. I have it now and am disturbed at the sheer level of arrogance of KBR’s attorneys.

I am not going reprint the entire three page letter in this post. If you want to read it in it’s entirety click HERE. I am going to highlight what I consider to be the most disturbing and desperate statements in the letter followed by my Ms Sparky (snarky) interpretation. Read the Post at MsSparky’s

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Local man’s farming project in Afghanistan taking off

By Cheryll A. Borgaard / The Daily News

Kent Preston hasn’t yet seen the fruits — or the vegetables — of his effort to get seeds into the hands of destitute farmers in Afghanistan. But the project has been flourishing.

“We haven’t seen any crops yet. It was still raining when I left (in mid-May) and they should have been planting right before then,” Preston said Thursday during a five-week break visiting friends and family here. “We should see germination pretty soon.”

Preston, who has daily contact with the local farmers in his job with a government security contractor in Afghanistan, started a project in January asking local people and charitable organizations to send seeds that he could give to subsistence farmers. Since then, he’s received “hundreds of boxes” of seeds in all sizes.

“Some people sent envelopes, some sent shoeboxes, some sent computer boxes,” said Preston, 30, a 1998 Toutle Lake graduate.

He said shipments have included a variety of vegetable seeds, wheat and corn.

“I’ve also gotten a good amount of potatoes, both seeds and sprouts,” he said.

In an e-mail he sent to several of the donors in April, he told them of an Afghani man, Monhim Shah, a day laborer at Preston’s base, who also works many hours a day trying to provide food for his seven children.  Original Story here

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