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Security boss leaves Canadian project in Afghanistan

Mitch Potter The Star Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON—Another senior security boss has left Canada’s troubled signature project in Afghanistan — and this time the departing sentry is a former British commando with a storied resume that includes bodyguard duty for Michael Jackson, the Beckhams and the Saudi royal family.

Lee McNamara confirmed Tuesday he is no longer involved in the $50-million effort to restore Kandahar’s vital Dahla Dam irrigation project, telling the Toronto Star, “I’m done.”

McNamara’s departure follows a rash of resignations and dismissals in the wake of a Feb. 20 confrontation in Kandahar City between the project’s Canadian security overseers and armed men working for Watan Risk Management, a controversial security firm owned by relatives of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

The confrontation ended with two Canadian security overseers — Curtis Desrosiers and Mike Hill — fleeing the country and returning to Canada in fear for their lives. One day later their boss, Alan Bell, a Toronto-based security consultant with Globe Risk International, resigned his position and also returned to Canada.

All three have refused comment on what other insiders described as “the day Canada lost control” of the project.

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  1. We say we are in Afghanistan to help woman and children. Remember that lie? Large corps have billion dollar contracts to keep this war going and Canada is leaving treasure on the fields and billions of dollars…more than 30 Billion..Corrupt and unsolvable.
    Mr. Harper likes to paint those who want our brave soldiers home as being traitors or not supporting the troops. I want the troops’ families to still have their sons and daughters next year, if that makes me a traitor, I am good with that.

    Comment by quidnuncnovascotia | December 19, 2010 | Reply

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