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U.S. Gov contractors ruining my sex life!

by Roadette at The Daily Kos
Fri Jul 09, 2010

See, our Congress Critters have allowed the civilian contractor company that takes in $24 Billion in revenues, Express Scripts, to decide that my man (who has military pharmacy benefits) can have 6 Cialis or Levitra pills per month. Now if we are feeling a little frisky on the 7th or 8th day per month…say every Friday and Saturday…well, too bad. He’ll just have to get over his PTSD-caused ED some other way.

This isn’t exactly my story, but it sure as hell is somebody’s story…follow me over the fold for more details. (Not on my sex life, you voyeurs, but on the company that is screwing over the love lives of active and former military folks…

OK, here’s the deal. I am fortunate enough to have a sigoth (contraction for that detestable phrase, significant other), who is both brave and passionate…yes, lucky me. He has an enlarged prostate, and has to take medication for it that causes some level of ED. So he got a prescription for Cialis. Yay!!! Does it work? As the doc said…diamond cutter. Way cool (no wait, way hot).

Worked so well, he sent away for a 90-day supply. That is when this $24B company started screwing us instead of allowing us to take care of it ourselves. For the past three weeks, Express Scripts has lied to my sigoth (OK, made mistakes and contradictory statements), insulted him, jerked both him and his busy doctor around, refused service, and ultimately interfered with our planned activities.  Read the Entire Post here

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