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Joint Forces Command bomb is part of bigger plan

By Kate Wiltrout The Virginian-Pilot

Robert Gates’ call for transforming the way the military does business might have seemed directly aimed at Hampton Roads, home to the only command he proposed eliminating Monday.

But the secretary of defense’s plan to shutter Joint Forces Command, which employs some 5,000 people in Norfolk and Suffolk, is part of a larger effort he’s undertaken to overhaul the way the Pentagon buys weapons, employs contractors and spends billions duplicating its own work.

His announcement may have caught many local officials off guard, but the reasoning behind it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Gates has been sounding the alarm about unsustainable defense budgets for years.

The demise of Joint Forces Command, or JFCOM, would likely have the biggest impact on the region, but Gates’ other initiatives to trim overhead and reduce the use of contractors could have long-term consequences for local military commands and the businesses that support them. On the flip side, his vow to transfer savings to budgets for building ships and buying aircraft could strengthen those industries in Virginia.  Read the full story here

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