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NATO says troops killed seven members of private security firm in Afghanistan

Update  Dec 13, 2010

Another massacre of civilians in Afghanistan

A special forces unit completing an early morning raid on Saturday gunned down seven men in the village of Rohani Baba, in Afghanistan’s eastern Paktia province. Abdul Rahman Mangal, the deputy governor of Paktia, told CNN that the victims were road construction workers. A press release by the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) alleges that the men were employees of a private security company.

Details of the incident remain sketchy, but the ISAF statement claims that its troops had detained an alleged arms dealer and had moved on to “investigate suspected insurgent activity” at a housing compound in Rohani Baba. The seven men, some of whom were allegedly armed, were sitting in and around an SUV. After they were ordered in Pashtun to leave the compound, one man, carrying an AK-47, began to walk toward the occupation troops. He was shot dead. Some of the other men returned fire and in the resulting gun battle, all seven were killed.


KABUL (BNO NEWS) Coalition forces on Saturday killed seven armed members of a private security firm during an operation in eastern Afghanistan, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said.

ISAF said Afghan and coalition forces were near a compound in Paktiya forces when a male carrying an AK-47 exited an SUV and approached them. “The security force assessed the individual to be hostile and shot him,” ISAF said, without giving details as to why he was deemed to be hostile.

After the male was shot, other armed members of the private security firm engaged the soldiers. ISAF said a total of seven security firm members were killed.

“The security force takes civilian casualty allegations seriously and is currently accessing who the individuals were, why they were armed and why they were in that area at that time of the morning,” ISAF said  Please see the original here

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