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Nick Moody to Return to U.S. Wednesday

Michael Wolfe  Channel 2 News KTVN Reno

Reno veteran Nicholas Moody has been out of jail in the United Arab Emirates for a couple weeks.

Now we have learned he will be back home in the U.S. in time for the New Year!

Monday afternoon his mother told Channel 2 Moody secured his passport and a new visa and has a ticket to New York City for Wednesday.

His family is still trying to book a flight home from New York to Reno though.

Moody was arrested in September while heading home from his job as a private security contractor in Iraq.

He was charged with possession of weapons accessories parts that could accompany a gun.

He spent 64-days in jail before the charges were dismissed on December 13th.  Please see the original here

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Kevin Davis, DynCorp, Killed in Christmas Day Kandahar Attack

Update:  Kevins family has informed us that he had also spent several years working for KBR on a contract in Iraq before deploying to Afghanistan with DynCorp.


Thanks to MsSparky for this

DynCorp International LOGCAP Team Member Killed in Rocket Attack

December 27, 2010 – We are deeply saddened to report that LOGCAP team member died from injuries sustained during a rocket attack in , , on December 25.

Kevin, 40, of Missouri City, Texas, joined DI on September 30, 2010, to support the U.S. Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) contract.

DI CEO Steve Gaffney acknowledged Kevin’s dedication to the mission and expressed condolences on the tragic loss saying, “Kevin lived and worked in a warzone to help support our troops – that kind of selfless courage is remarkable but too often goes unrecognized until the unthinkable happens. Kevin’s service to our military was heroic and our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family during this difficult time.”

The DI family extends deepest condolences to all of Kevin’s loved ones and to the entire LOGCAP team.

See the original at MsSparky

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American Contractor mistakes police for Taliban during drug arrest

American mistakes police for the Taliban during his drug arrest

DUBAI // An American contractor who does business in Afghanistan fought with three undercover officers, thinking they were Taliban members, when he was arrested in connection with drug charges, a court heard yesterday.

K J, 27, was arrested on September 18 by three drug officers dressed in Pakistani national dress, records showed, and he fought with them while screaming, “they are not police”.

A witness told prosecutors that K J had feared for his life because he thought the men were insurgents who wanted to kidnap him.

K J was charged with possession and consumption of 10 grammes of hashish, as well as facilitating the transfer of 2.8 grammes of the drug to another person. He denied the charges in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

The American was detained after a taxi driver told police that a passenger offered him hashish after chatting with him about life in Afghanistan.

“I spoke to him about shars [hashish] and he told me he had some,” the driver told prosecutors. “I asked for some to be sure, and he handed me a small piece wrapped in plastic.”

After the defendant was dropped off at his hotel, he arranged for the taxi to pick him up later that day for another trip. The driver contacted police, who instructed him to take the passenger to a petrol station in the al Ghusais district, where they would arrest him.

During the arrest, the defendant reacted violently whilst trying to defend himself.

Police officers told the court that they presented their identifications and said they were police, but the defendant continued to wrestle with them.

They claimed that K J showed them the drugs in his possession, and said that he acquired them in Afghanistan with the intent of consuming them in the US. He will appear in court again next month.  Please see the original story here

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No ‘clear and convincing evidence’: AFSOC releases CV-22 crash report (PHOTOS, VIDEO, REPORT)

NWF Daily News . com

HURLBURT FIELD – The Accident Investigation Board (AIB) ended its investigation into the CV-22 crash that claimed the lives of four people and injured 16 without determining the cause of it.

Air Force Special Operations Command officials released the results of their investigation into the April 9, 2010 CV-22 aircraft accident near Qalat, Afghanistan.

Maj. Randell D. Voas and Sr. Master Sgt. James B. Lackey with 8th Special Operations Squadron were killed along with an Army Ranger and a civilian contractor. It was the first known fatal Osprey crash since the aircraft entered active service in 2006.

Then AFSOC Vice-Commander Maj. Gen. Kurt Cichowski convened an AIB to investigate the incident. Brig. Gen. Donald Harvel Brig. Gen. Donald Harvel, the Air National Guard assistant to the commander, AFSOC, Hurlburt Field, served as board president.

According to a press release AFSOC issued Thursday, “…the board president could not determine the cause of the mishap by the standard of ‘clear and convincing evidence,’ in part because the flight incident recorder, the Vibration Structural Life and Engine Diagnostics control unit, and the right engine were destroyed and therefore not available for analysis.” Please read the entire story and see videos here

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Four Turkish Engineers Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Four Turkish engineers have been kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan as the security situation deteriorates in the war-ravaged country, officials say.
by Press TV

A top provincial official said the Turkish nationals went missing in Paktia Province along with their Afghan driver. He added that he men were ambushed by unknown gunmen.

“Four Turkish engineers working with a border police unit were kidnapped along with their Afghan driver and have been taken away to an unknown location,” DPA quoted Rohullah Samoon, spokesman for the provincial governor as saying.

Sources say the abductees worked for a construction company.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. However, several militant groups and kidnapping-for-ransom gangs are active in the volatile region.   Please read the entire article here

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German National, Aid Worker, killed in Afghanistan

At Press TV Dec 25, 2010

A German national has died of his wounds in a hospital in Afghanistan’s northern Balkh Province as Taliban step up their attacks against foreign troops in the country.

Local police officials say the aid worker was on his way from Khulm district to the city of Mazar-i-Sharif when gunmen attacked his vehicle.

He was taken to a military hospital in the German army base.

“Yesterday at around 4:30 p.m. (1200 GMT), two unknown armed motorcyclists shot a German national as he was on his way from Khulm district (Balkh Province) to the city of Mazar-i-Sharif,” AFP quoted Balkh deputy police chief Abdul Rauof Taj as saying.

“He was taken to a German-run hospital in Mazar city by police. We have been informed that he died in the hospital today,” the police official added.

The attackers also injured his local translator who was traveling with him.

Foreign and local aid workers have been increasingly targeted by the Taliban this year. Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the killing.   Please see the entire article here

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Kabul slams US over security violations

The Kabul government says the US-led military alliance is violating security agreements by killing Afghan security guards and civilians.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said NATO was violating a security agreement it had signed with the Kabul government based on which all NATO operations in Kabul must be cleared with the government. 

The development comes days after US-led forces raided a private security company’s compound in Kabul killing two Afghan guards.

“Foreign forces have conducted an operation in district four of Kabul city in which two private guards of the business were killed,” said Mohammad Zahir, the police chief of criminal investigations.

Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said Sunday an investigation would be launched into the incident.

The Interior Ministry said the government is suspending an Afghan police general who helped the US-led forces carry out the raid.

Hundreds of civilians have lost their lives in the US-led airstrikes and ground operations in various parts of Afghanistan over the past few months, with Afghans becoming more outraged over the seemingly endless number of deadly assaults.  Please see the entire story here

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Supply truck headed for Afghanistan attacked

By Nasir Habib, For CNN

CNN In this file photo from October, NATO supply trucks in Pakistan prepare to enter Afghanistan.

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — Unidentified gunmen on motorbikes opened fire and killed the driver of a supply truck for NATO troops in southwest Pakistan on Sunday, a senior government official told CNN.

Noorul Haq Baloch, an official of Pakistan’s southwestern district of Mastung in Balochistan province, said the incident happened in the area of Khad Kocha, 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Quetta.

Baloch said the truck was going to Afghanistan from the southern city of Karachi.

The gunmen escaped after killing the driver, he said.

“The gunmen fired multiple bullets (that) killed the driver and damaged the container,” Baloch said.

Supplies for NATO in Afghanistan are transported from Pakistan through private contractors.

Dozens of oil tankers and containers pass through Pakistan daily to supply fuel and other supplies to NATO troops battling insurgents in Afghanistan.

Some of them are attacked by militants on their way to Afghanistan.

In Balochistan province in October, dozens of oil tankers destined for Afghanistan caught on fire after being attacked by gunmen.  Please see the original here

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Afghan guards killed in NATO raid, government says

By Hamid Shalizi Kabul

Reuters) – Foreign troops raided a compound belonging to a private security firm in Afghanistan’s capital, killing two Afghan guards and seizing weapons, an Afghan government spokesman said on Friday.

The raid took place overnight and involved a unit from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said Interior Ministry spokesman Zemari Bashary.

ISAF declined to comment on the raid and directed inquiries to Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security, whose head reports directly to President Hamid Karzai. The directorate also declined to comment.

Bashary said two Afghan guards were killed and three wounded in the raid, which he said was not coordinated with Afghan troops. He said the incident was being investigated, but did not provide further details.

The use of “night raids” on private homes by foreign troops hunting insurgents has long angered Afghan officials.

Rules governing their use were tightened in 2009 and again this year but it is far less common for raids to be carried out by foreign troops on private security companies.

Under new rules, raids must be cleared by Afghan authorities first and must involve Afghan troops.

A police official in Kabul said the security firm raided was called National Tiger and that it was responsible for providing security and transport for at least three Afghan businesses.

Please read the entire article here

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