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Government Contractor in Iraq for seven years, Daniel Phillips, arrested for rape of young girl

Update:  Daniel was working for DRS Technologies formerly Tamsco.  He was working at a small satellite site at Joint Base Balad.

I want to know who this dirt bag has been working for in Iraq and how he was able to get past the “wants and warrants” check for a Common Access Card (CAC). I would also be interested to see how many times he R&R’d to SE Asian countries such as Thailand where you can just buy yourself a little girl!  MsSparky


Norfolk police, with the assistance from the federal government, arrested a civilian government contractor that was wanted for the rape of a juvenile female relative between 2004 and 2005. The suspect fled to Iraq soon after the crime to avoid arrest and began working with computers as a government contractor.

Investigators began tracking the location of Daniel Phillips, age 46, in December of 2010. With the assistance of the federal government, Phillips was located in Iraq. Arrangements were made to fly Phillips to Kuwait and then Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

Phillips arrived at Dulles Saturday morning. Norfolk Fugitive Investigators accompanied by U.S. Marshalls boarded the plane and took Phillips into custody without incident at approximately 7:15 a.m. He was returned to Norfolk and is currently in the Norfolk City Jail awaiting trial for rape, aggravated sexual battery, and indecent liberties with a child.  Please see the original here

Contractor Hid in Iraq for Seven Years over rape charge

Well, he didn’t stay there the whole time. A Virginia TV news crew caught up to a neighbor next door to Phillips’ Norfolk house. That neighbor, who identified herself only as Julie, suggested Phillips was a family man who’d traveled back to the US several times in recent years. “I see him only on occasion when he returns from overseas,” said the woman. “He’s always very supportive, a very nice, helpful neighbor.” Julie then added that she believed Phillips was married with six children.

The vetting process to become a contractor in Iraq varies from company to company, but it can be extremely thin. Once hired, these employees are supposed to go through a Contintental United States Replacement Center (CRC), an Army-run military processing facility such as this one in Ft. Benning, Georgia. There, they go through a weeklong medical and background screening, at the end of which they’re issued a microchipped military ID card and put on a military flight to their destination in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or wherever.

Additionally, when individual contractors in Iraq wish to take leave elsewhere, they must go through a thorough process to be manifested on a flight out—usually in a military aircraft—along with multiple military checks in which their ID card is scanned. (And when they leave their Iraq jobs, contractors must go through exacting procedures in Kuwait and the stateside CRC center yet again.)

But apparently, none of that kept Phillips from staying on as an Iraq contractor for seven years, with military-sanctioned vacation jaunts back to the States, all while authorities sought his arrest.

According to Sgt. Boe Bostjancic of the Norfolk Police Department, those authorities only caught scent of Phillips’ trail late last year, tracing him to Iraq through emails, faxes, and phone calls he’d made. At that point, the local cops solicited help from military investigators, the US Marshals, and the State Department.

“They were able to call back very very quickly, and said, ‘Well, we found him in a base in Iraq, you’re right,'” Bostjancic told reporters. “And they…red-flagged him and pulled his passport.”

There are plenty of questions in this case, such as: How many other criminal suspects are hiding out on US military bases overseas? And why was it so easy for a man like Phillips to slip through the safeguards that are in place? What company or companies did Phillips work for? And what did he do with the presumable pile of money he made over the past near-decade?

In any case, Phillips isn’t talking. He declined inquiries from reporters Tuesday from his Norfolk City Jail cell.

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  1. If anyone knows for sure who this guy worked for please let us know.

    Comment by Ms Sparky | January 11, 2011 | Reply

    • I knew Dan Phillips. He worked for the same company as me, before he worked for DRS. At the Time the Company was called Dimensions International, that is who Dan worked for before DRS. Dimensions was bought out by Honeywell International, late 2007, I believe Dan already switched to DRS at that time. I only interacted with him a few times for work realated issues. I saw him around alot, he was usually very quiet, didn’t say much to anyone. I thought he was kind of weird, but really didn’t pay him much attention. As for other criminals in Iraq, I promise you there are lots of them.

      Comment by LJR | January 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. This whole story is a sensationalist farce — it is NOT journalism. There is no possible way for Dan to “hide” in Iraq for 7 years. He supported his family — his wife definitely saw his pay stubs and knew exactly where he was and who he worked for. He stayed at his home with his family when he went on leave, so his family members all knew he was there. If he had really raped a female relative, someone would have picked up the phone at one of those times. He never vacationed in Thailand or the Philipines. His military-sanctioned jaunts/vacations are mandatory by the companies over here because people need (repeat NEED) to get away from the warzone on a regular basis to avoid PTSD. Dan’s CAC would have been scanned numerous, numerous times each and every day, so it’s not possible law enforcement could not track him. He paid taxes, for crying out loud! Isn’t that the first place law enforcement looks? This whole story is just stupid and inaccurate. Without speculation and inflammatory remarks, there’s just an accusation against Dan and he’s not been found guilty by any means. So let’s stop running stories like this to villify him before he’s had his due in court. Yes, I’m in Iraq and yes, I’ve worked with Dan for 4 years. I have facts — Ms. Sparky does not.

    Comment by Lilia | January 15, 2011 | Reply

    • stop defending a rapist, ur just as guilty as him…

      Comment by ed | February 10, 2011 | Reply

  3. This is the kindest, most gentle man that I have seen in a long time. He has been taking care of his family. He got calls from his family all the time. He was not hiding he was working. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    Comment by shelia | January 17, 2011 | Reply

  4. Ms Sparky’s righteous indignation seems a bit short on facts here…

    1) All contractors go through at least a basic background check. Anyone working with computer networks must possess at least a Secret clearance. Since they don’t give those away in crackerjack boxes (yet), I have to wonder if Norfolk had even put out any paper on this guy?

    2) What’s up with the Thailand comments? Have you ever even visited, or are you simply throwing out gross stereotypes in an attempt to inflame? I just came back from a nice trip there with my girlfriend, and my brother and his wife are going in March. Any attempt to “just buy yourself a little girl” is a good way to end up with a lifetime prison sentence there.

    It sounds like there are more facts to this story that I’d be interested in learning, but these snarky little “yellow journalism” articles are probably not going to be where that happens.

    Comment by mavica | January 17, 2011 | Reply

    • He is a raptist. Phillips never wanted to go home now i see why.. if he is so good like u say he is, why dont you go tell that to the judge and the girl he raped..

      Comment by ed | February 10, 2011 | Reply

  5. You are right this is impossible cause of taxes and child support which I know he has to pay cause the government will garnish your pay if you don’t especially government jobs. Second the wife would have had to have known where he was in case he was needed for medical reasons for the children or death in the family. This sounds lilke someone doesn’t like him and is getting back at him.God Knows the judicial system doesn’t care who’s lives they mess up they only want to find someone to jail so they can feel good at night, problem with it is that lawyers bargain and so do the people arrested so how many people take the blame for someone else to protect that other person, so they can go free and someone else takes the fall. Police and investgaters only want there man not the one who actually committed the crime. they say this guy is divorced humm let me see could the wife having been spurned have something to do with this. This would not be the first time a wife has tried to mess up her husbands career. It happens all the time in the military as my husband was military and would tell me about the accusations being slung at the G.I’s by their wives to get them in trouble, many a G.I.’s has had to retire or get out because of wives infidelities, spending the husbands money causing financial irresponsibility etc. The military and government is very unsympathetic to the G.I.’s and it is amazing how the miltary lives through such a strict code but yet our own government doesn’t. So yeah you will continue to see sensationalism like this cause these reporters never get all their facts straight.

    Comment by sabrina | January 19, 2011 | Reply

  6. DRS is a rotten RED-NECK company, this means DRS did not perform a local background check on their employees, if they had done that, this would have been caught a long time ago. DRS is a RED-NECK good ole company, when they saw Dan was white they just let him slide as good..I am sure there are plenty of criminals at DRS… its all DRS fault.. Dan was a sicko and plenty of other sickos work at DRS..

    Comment by ed | February 10, 2011 | Reply

  7. If you don’t know Dan then stop making comments about the case to make yourself feel better. Dan was contacted every 2 weeks (paydays) by his wife so YES she knew exactly where he was at all time. This case only came to light after Dan filed for divorce which will lead most of us to believe she has everything to do with it. Why was this never mentioned when she was spending ALL his money while he was working to support her and the children? I’m as interested as anyone to see the real truth come out behind this charge. If I’m wrong about Dan I’d be the first to admit it. I worked side by side with Dan for over 3 years and yes he did go HOME on R&R to see his kids so there is no way possible that if they were really looking for him that he quietly just slipped through US Customs. If there were any warrants for Dan he would have been snagged at least by the US Customs officals. Isn’t that what they check when you enter the USA? And wouldn’t the TSA have been alerted for Dan as a flight risk? If the charge was filed in 2004/2005 and is factual and the mother (wife) knew about it, isn’t she just as guilty as Dan for hiding him and not letting authorities know where he was when she knew all along. Sitting in the office with Dan during work hours she would call him from the USA so it couldn’t have been to hard to find him. Come on folks, something about this isn’t right and you know it.

    Comment by CDP | March 1, 2011 | Reply

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