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Investigation into CIA contractors sheds light on agency’s torture policy

Contractors strike deal for CIA-funded legal aid


A federal inquiry into two CIA contractors is providing further insight into the US intelligence agency’s use of torture tactics in interrogations and its network of secret prisons during the height of the war on terror.

Federal prosecutor John Durham is leading an investigation into whether any operatives or contractors for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) accused of using torture on terror suspects in secret detention centers around the world should face criminal charges. If found guilty, CIA operatives and their civilian counterparts could not only feel the full weight of the US justice system, but be tried under international law as well.

“The use of torture is forbidden under US domestic law,” Anthony Dworkin, a senior policy fellow at the European Council for Foreign Relations working on human rights, international justice and international humanitarian law, told Deutsche Welle.

In addition, the Torture Act criminalizes any act of torture carried out by a US citizen overseas. During armed conflict, the use of torture as well as cruel and inhuman treatment are violations of the law of armed conflict; in such cases they can be prosecuted in the United States under the War Crimes Act.

“Torture in armed conflict is a violation of the Geneva Conventions and torture committed as part of a widespread or systematic campaign might be a crime against humanity,” Dworkin said. “In these cases, it could be prosecuted before an international court or tribunal if it has the jurisdiction.”

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