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Former employee alleges military contractor is selling faulty grenades to the U.S. Army

Whistleblower talks to ABC Action News

TAMPA – In over 25 years as a quality assurance expert, John King worked on some of the best known weapons systems made in the U.S. from the Patriot to the Hellfire Missile.

He worked for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and the Army itself.

But there is a huge difference between working on a weapons system and working on a weapons system that a member of your own family will depend upon. And that’s exactly what happened when King went to work for a subsidiary of Tampa-based DSE Inc., which makes 40mm grenades used by just about every branch of the U.S. military.

“My nephew was in Iraq at the time. He’s an Army Ranger using these exact weapons to protect himself and his troops,” King said.

King went to work in 2008 as a Quality Assurance Manager for DSE Fuzing, which makes the fuzes that control when the grenade will arm. But his tenure there would end abruptly after he concluded that DSE was “incapable of making products that weren’t defective.”

King claims just days after starting his new job, some employees began slipping him documents showing that defective parts were winding up in fuzes being shipped out.

He feared the defects could cause grenades to explode prematurely or not at all. So he tried shutting down the production line by withholding batches of defective fuzes.

“But the management would override me every single time and they would ship the product against the quality assurance manager’s specific direction not to,” King said.

But what King didn’t know and couldn’t prove was whether any U.S. troops had ever been injured because of defective grenades. So ABC Action News filed a Freedom of Information Request with the U.S. Munitions Command and this is what we learned.

Please read what they learned here

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