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G4S tries to convince Aussies that they only hire Crims and Thugs to cover embassies in Afghanistan


Darren Hoare, to a G4S Armorgroup Mentally Ill Criminal Danny Fitzsimons

in the Green Zone in Iraq

Darren Hoare murdered by fellow ArmorGroup Security Guard in Iraq

‘Crims, thugs’ in embassy security at The Australian

The security firm G4S and its affiliates protect Australian embassies across the globe from Brussels to New Delhi and Shanghai, but the company was last week accused of “major offences” in Afghanistan by the Afghan government.

This follows a US Senate investigation last year which found the employees of a G4S subsidiary in Afghanistan, ArmorGroup, included Taliban affiliates and criminals.

However, G4S executives strongly denied yesterday that its problems in Afghanistan had implications for the security of Australian missions in other parts of the world.

“Operating in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq is very different to the operations that companies such as G4S would have in other countries around the world,” a spokesman for G4S told The Australian.

“G4S has complete confidence in the integrity of its employees who provide security at Australian diplomatic missions.”

When asked about its contracts with G4S, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade declined to discuss G4S specifically, but said it took the responsibility of protecting its staff and visitors at Australian embassies abroad “extremely seriously”.

DFAT said decisions about which private security companies were employed to protect Australian embassies was made by each individual embassy.

G4S was one of several security firms in Afghanistan to be criticised last week by the Afghan government for unspecified offences.

In 2009, dozens of employees from G4S’s Afghan subsidiary ArmorGroup — responsible for protecting the US embassy in Kabul — were accused of misconduct including nudity, drinking and urinating on each other.

A G4S spokesman said G4S had a clearly defined ethical policy and was subjected to external audits on a regular basis.

He said the group had recently been the founder signatory of a new international code of conduct that covered recruitment, vetting and training of staff, and the use of force, including handling firearms.

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