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Another Dyncorp LOGCAP IV Project Manager bites the dust

March 1, 2011 MsSparky

It was just last September when I wrote about the resignation/demotion/transfer call it what you will of Dyncorp’s manager Hank Miller and his Deputy Project Manager . Many many employees breathed a sigh of relief as these two headed to the tarmac.

During the rein of Hank Miller and Scott Mount, many Dyncorp employees were not being paid on time, employee turnover was very high, moral was very low and according to my sources the client was not happy with Dyncorp’s performance. There was much anticipation with the announcement that would replace Hank Miller in the position of Project Manager. I have to be honest the number of complaints I’ve heard from Dyncorp employees has drastically reduced since took the helm.

That didn’t last but six months and now Joe Schmitt has joined the ranks of “Past LOGCAP PM’s”. Reportedly there was a “incident” at near Kandahar involving Schmitt and the Base Commander, Colonel Applegate. It is alleged, the incident may have gotten physical. Regardless of the reasons, no one should EVER go there, especially our leaders. I don’t know if it was a voluntary or encouraged resignation of his position, but Dyncorp really had no other choice but to remove him from Theater. I have yet to confirm the rumors regarding Colonel Applegate’s consequences. It’s unfortunate on both sides.

Please read the entire post with documents and comments here

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  1. I’m not surprised at this, I’m a former Dyncorp employee who was wrongfully terminated by Mr. Schmitt. Coincidentally I was terminated for an alleged assault on another employee. It stands to reason that this is “payback” for Dyncorp not treating it’s employees fairly, the abuse of power by upper management.

    Comment by Carlos M | March 3, 2011 | Reply

  2. I did some recruiting services for Dyncorp for around 40 employees from Kenya last year. We had been contracted by JPNG which i think had some connection with these former managers. After successful doing the job i was never paid despite numerous emails to Dyncorp and JPNG. I think there is just too much corruption within Dyncorp in the name of helping American Army in Afghanstan!


    Comment by Richard Mwanu | June 16, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hi Richard, the only difference between you and me was that I did not expect to be paid, but i helped dyncorp in many way in getting candidatesvia MPIKW in Kuwait and all this i did for free, wasting my precious time, i joined and resigned on the 23rd day and after one and half years when I went to Delhi four days ago to a registered recruiter of dyncorp i was selected but then rejected too as because the interviewer tracked my name in their staff tracking system and told me that the management of dyncorp have marked me as ” not eleigble to be rehired with dyncorp”. just see the trajic incident. So much form doing favours to Dyncorp. What else can I do. I just came back from that office disheartened.

    Comment by rehan | December 11, 2011 | Reply

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