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EOD Marines remember fallen, immortalize them

“Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends,” John 15:13

This quotation is inscribed on a plaque that rests on a tri-faced structure within the air station’s Combined Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit building.

MCAS Yuma News
Besides the plaque, the wall is covered in portraits of Marines, 35 in all. The first portrait is of Gunnery Sgt. Michael Clark, the last of Gunnery Sgt. Justin Schmalstieg. All the photos show Marines in either full combat gear or a candid portrait in civilian attire. There is not an official photo in the whole bunch, as one might see when visiting one of the squadrons and seeing the who’s-who wall of personnel.

No one on the wall is alive.

At the base of the portraits are various ribbons, from the Combat Action Ribbon to the Global War on Terrorism Medal. Other memorabilia includes photos from the funerals as well as their programs. In the center is the EOD insignia that’s sometimes mistaken for air crewman wings. Flanking the emblem are cutouts of Iraq and Afghanistan, the theaters for the operations where the Marines memorialized lost their lives.   Please read the entire story here

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