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GORDON DUFF: LIBYA, A WAR OF LIES The “Conspiratorial Veil” of Western Racism

In the last 24 hours, we learned that Gaddafi’s claimed victims of the UN bombing campaign included victims of traffic accidents and recently dead, gleaned from hospitals and mortuaries around Libya.  The secret he is trying to hide is that the real dead, and their are dozens, aren’t from Libya at all.  Libya’s entire air defense command is “rented” from Belarus and the dead are mercenaries.

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Veterans Today


“They” are coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be “liberals” or “anti-war.”  Any Arab uprising must be a Western plot.  Those “brown people” can’t really be seeking democracy and freedom and certainly can’t stand up to the “globalist plotters” of the west.  I have one reminder for those who think this way.


On February 25, 2011, Veterans Today recommended immediate intervention in Libya.  Few had died, Israel had shown its hand as Gaddafi’s backer and the writing was on the wall.  Waiting would lead to civil war and large scale

intervention, led by France, bringing the potential for the movement for democracy to be pushed off track, as Iraq and Afghanistan are dark reminders of.  Arms and mercenaries flowed in, key media powers and the Israel lobby kept Obama sitting on his hands and, at the last minute, maybe beyond the last minute, there is a call to action.

Should be be suspicious?  Damned right!

Should we forget the right of self determination by the Libyan people being crushed, not only by their own government but Israel’s African mercenary armies as well and every resource Gaddafi could buy with the west’s oil money, yes, money from Halliburton and BP?  One only need to see the forces arrayed against the rebels, not just GLOBAL CST’s mercenaries but forces from Belarus and Georgia as well.

Please read the entire post here

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Army Plans New Guidelines to Resolve Denials of Purple Hearts to Brain-Injured Soldiers

T Christian Miller and Dan Zwerdling ProPublica and NPR March 18, 2011

Acknowledging that commanders have sometimes wrongly denied the Purple Heart to soldiers who suffered battlefield concussions, the Army plans to issue new guidance to clarify when such recognition is warranted, Army officials said Wednesday.

In addition, the Army is planning to prioritize appeals from brain-injured soldiers who feel they should not have been turned down for the medal, a hallowed military honor that recognizes those injured in combat.

Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the Army’s second in command, said hereviewed the Army’s policies on the Purple Heart and called for the new guidelines as a result of an investigation byProPublica and NPR [1]. In a report published last September [2], we found that Army commanders denied Purple Hearts to some soldiers who sustained concussions, despite regulations that make those who suffer such wounds eligible for the medal.

Please read the entire article here

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US Army ‘kill team’ in Afghanistan posed for photos of murdered civilians

John Boone The Guardian March 20, 2011

Commanders in Afghanistan are bracing themselves for possible riots and public fury triggered by the publication of “trophy” photographs of US soldiers posing with the dead bodies of defenceless Afghan civilians they killed.

Senior officials at Nato‘s International Security Assistance Force in Kabul have compared the pictures published by the German news weekly Der Spiegel to the images of US soldiers abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq which sparked waves of anti-US protests around the world.

They fear that the pictures could be even more damaging as they show the aftermath of the deliberate murders of Afghan civilians by a rogue US Stryker tank unit that operated in the southern province of Kandahar last

On Sunday night many organisations employing foreign staff, including the United Nations, ordered their staff into a “lockdown”, banning all movements around Kabul and requiring people to remain in their compounds.

In addition to the threat from the publication of the photographs, security has been heightened amid fears the Taliban may try to attack Persian new year celebrations.

There could also be attacks because Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, is due to make a speech declaring which areas of the country should be transferred from international to Afghan control in the coming months.

One security manager for the US company DynCorp sent an email to clients warning that publication of the photos was likely “to incite the local population” as the “severity of the incidents to be revealed are graphic and extreme”.

Please read the entire article here

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Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths

Noah Shachtman The Danger Room Wired March 20, 2011

“I just combine the global and free information on the Internet with my local received information from the ether,” Huub e-mails Danger Room. “[My] main goal to listen to this communication is to listen to ‘the truth,’ without any military or political propaganda.”

The U.S. military has dispatched one of its secret propaganda planes to the skies around Libya. And that “Commando Solo” aircraft is telling Libyan ships to remain in port – or risk NATO retaliation.

We know this, not because some Pentagon official said so, but because one Dutch radio geek is monitoring the airwaves for information about Operation Odyssey Dawn — and tweeting the surprisingly-detailed results. On Sunday alone, “Huub” has identified the tail numbers, call signs, and movements of dozens of NATO aircraft: Italian fighter jets, American tankers, British aerial spies, U.S. bombers, and the Commando Solo psyops plane (pictured).

“If you attempt to leave port, you will be attacked and destroyed immediately,” the aircraft broadcasted late Sunday night.  Please read the entire article and listen here

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Foreigners under strict surveillance after Raymond Davis episode

The International News Monday March 21, 2011

PESHAWAR: The security agencies across the country have been given the green light to go after suspicious foreigners in their respective areas following reports about the presence of spies in the guise of aid workers and diplomats, a source confided to The News.

Statistics show that at least 2,570 foreigners of 78 different countries, including 1,919 appointed on diplomatic positions, are presently working in foreign missions across Pakistan.

An American national Aaron Mark DeHaven was arrested in Peshawar on February 24 for overstaying in Pakistan as his visa had expired in October last year. He has married a local woman and has been living in the city for many years despite the fact that foreigners were facing threats in Peshawar and rest of the province.

Four other Americans were detained for a couple of hours on March 14 by cops from the University Town police station. The same police station briefly held three other foreigners, including a French national and an Australian, on March 18 but they were released after the investigators were satisfied that they had the required legal documents. Foreigners have also been held in Lahore and other cities of the country.

Please read the entire story here

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