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Merc’s to Watch Commandoes backs in Afghanistan

They may be some of America’s most elite troops. But these days, even U.S. special operations forces are relying on guns for hire in Afghanistan.

by Noah Schactman at Wired’s Danger Room April 7, 2011

On Wednesday, U.S. Special Operations Command announced that it was looking for Afghan security contractors to guard commando encampments, from the tiniest of outposts to the biggest of the superbases.  And those private guards need to be ready to work ASAP. The command is planning on issuing contracts next Friday, April 15th.

Using guns for hire to patrol Afghan bases is nothing new. For years, the U.S. military has employed the contractors, to free up American troops for frontline fighting and nation-building.

This case is unusual, for several reasons. Not only has SOCOM issued these calls for contractors just as Afghan president Hamid Karzai is threatening to tax the private security forces out of existence. But, at least in one instance, the special operators want these guards to watch the backs of a small handful of American troops. And that involvement could undermine the special operators’ mission.

Please read the entire story here

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