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Suit against Floridian over South Africa car crash belongs in Bergen County

North Jersey.com  April 11, 2011

A Florida man who allegedly caused a car crash in South Africa that injured two New Jersey residents can be sued in Bergen County courts, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The unanimous ruling settled a dispute over venue in an unusual personal-injury case. The accident occurred outside the United States, but all the parties involved are American citizens or corporations.

For the plaintiffs, Amin Yousef of Budd Lake and Crane Robinson of Oxford Township, the decision means a shot at a much bigger award than they could have won in courts in South Africa, where judgments for compensatory damages, in the words of Justice Barry T. Albin, “are far less generous that those in New Jersey.”

Yousef and Robinson were civilian employees of the U.S. Army working on a project in South Africa five years ago, according to court papers.

Their business brought them together with a Florida resident, David Edmonds, who worked for General Dynamics-Ordinance and Tactical Systems, Inc., a defense contractor.

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2 US forces mistakenly killed by drone attack in Afghanistan

By Jim Miklaszewski Chief Pentagon Correspondent NBC

WASHINGTON — A U.S. Marine reservist and a Navy corpsman were killed in a drone airstrike in Afghanistan last week in an apparent case of friendly fire, U.S. military officials tell NBC News.

Marine Staff Sgt. Jeremy Smith and Navy Corpsman Benjamin Rast were reportedly killed Wednesday by a Hellfire missile fired from a U.S. Air Force Predator in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity, NBC reported. Smith and Rast were part of a Marine unit moving in to reinforce fellow Marines under heavy fire from enemy forces outside Sangin in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan.

The Marines under fire were watching streaming video of the battlefield being fed to them by an armed Predator overhead. They saw a number of “hot spots,” or infrared images, moving in their direction. Apparently believing that those “hot spots” were the enemy, they called in a Hellfire missile strike from the Predator.


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Word Missing from Gen. McChrystal’s Return to Obama Admin: Tillman

Posted by Slade Sohmer at Hypervocal.com April 11, 2011

It’s been almost 10 months since Michael Hastings’ Rolling Stone profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal led the commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan to step down from his post. Inside of a year, The Runaway General has already been re-commissioned for public service.

But missing from the coverage of McChrystal’s return is the tragic irony that he’ll be working to alleviate the stress of military families. After all, though it wasn’t front-page news then, McChrystal had a major role in the cover-up of the untimely death of Army Ranger and former football star Pat Tillman.

At the time, McChrystal was the head of Special Operations command in Afghanistan. It was McChrystal who approved the paperwork that wrongfully awarded Tillman a Silver Star, despite the knowledge that he died in a friendly fire incident, not as had been reported, by enemy fire.

And when McChrystal rose to the top spot in the Afghanistan chain of command, his rubber stamp that hurt the Tillman family so was barely even mentioned by the mainstream media. While the Tillmans continued to griever, continued their quest to find out what really happened to their heroic son, McChrystal moved up the military ladder. The cover-up wasn’t his idea, but he certainly played a serious role in adding to the stress and pain of at least one military family.

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See also Obama Support War Criminal McChrystal to Support Military Families, Sell Iraq War Extension at Firedog Lake

This is a truly Reaganesque appointment, as it is hard to imagine a military figure who has done more to harm families around the world, and now he is leading the charge to put a happy face on the devastation ten years of war has wreaked on the very small number of US families who have borne the brunt of the death and other sacrifices by our all-volunteer force.

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