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South African Pleads Guilty to Stabbing in Kandahar

Associated Press Metro-Ottawa March 12, 2011

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – An Army contractor from South Africa has pleaded guilty to assault for stabbing a British national last year at the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. 

Forty-four-year-old Sean Brehm of Cape Town admitted that he stabbed the unidentified British man as part of a personal dispute on Nov. 25. The victim suffered cuts to his abdomen and underwent emergency surgery.

Brehm’s plea in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, comes shortly after he lost an appeal arguing that U.S. courts lacked jurisdiction over him.

Brehm was working as a travel supervisor for DynCorp, a Falls Church-based contractor. Defence lawyers said they believed it was the first time a foreign national contractor was prosecuted under the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, which gives U.S. courts jurisdiction to prosecute certain crimes committed outside the United States.


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Iraq bombs kill eight, 12 wounded

Zeenews.com April 12, 2011

Two civilian contractors for the Iraqi army, both male cousins, were killed when their home west of Baghdad was targetted by dynamite. Three other family members, including a woman, were wounded, police and medical sources said.

Baghdad: Eight people were killed in bomb attacks around Iraq on Tuesday, security and hospital sources said. Three of the dead were policemen, while 12 people, including six police, were wounded in the attacks.

Two of the police victims were killed by an improvised bomb that targetted their patrol overnight south of Baghdad. The third was killed in the town of Fallujah west of Baghdad by a “sticky” bomb that attaches to cars.

Six policemen were wounded in the two attacks, a security source said.

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Pakistan temporarily halts intel cooperation with U.S.

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — Pakistan has temporarily stopped cooperating with American intelligence officials after the upset caused by the arrest and release of CIA contractor Raymond Davis, who fatally shot two Pakistanis earlier this year, a senior Pakistani security source told CNN.

While the two countries will continue to share vital intelligence about any imminent acts of terrorism, joint operations have been put on hold, the source said, and the ISI — Pakistan’s intelligence agency — has asked the CIA to “give them visibility” over what the source says are an estimated 40 covert American intelligence operatives working in Pakistan.

The freeze brings U.S.-Pakistani intelligence cooperation to a new low. The two countries are already on rocky ground as Washington tries to persuade Islamabad of the need to allow it to autonomously hunt al Qaeda targets inside Pakistani territory. This has largely been conducted through unmanned aerial drone strikes — another sore spot in relations, after such strikes have killed dozens of civilians.

The strained relationship dominated what one official called a “frank discussion” — diplomatic jargon for a talk in which disagreements are aired openly — Monday in Washington between CIA Director Leon Panetta and the chief of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha. Please read the entire story here

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