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Overseas Contractor Count for Second Quarter 2011

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This update reports DoD contractor personnel numbers in theater for the second quarter of 2011. It covers DoD contractor personnel deployed in Iraq (Operation New Dawn (OND), Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR).

In 2nd quarter FY 2011, USCENTCOM reported approximately 173,644 contractor personnel working for the DoD in the USCENTCOM AOR. The number of contractors outside of Iraq and Afghanistan make up about 11% of the total contractor population in the USCENTCOM AOR.

A breakdown of DoD contractor personnel is provided below:


Base Support 38,966 60.6 %
Security 10,448 16.3 %
Other 7,235 11.2 %
Translator/Interpreter 4,099 6.4 %
Transportation 1,229 1.9 %
Construction 858 1.3 %
Training 599 .9 %
Communication Support 495 .8 %
Logistics / Maintenance 324 .5 %
Total 64,253

OND Contractor Posture Highlights:

There are currently 64K DoD contractors in Iraq.  This represents a 10% decrease as compared to the 1st quarter 2011.  The military to contractor ratio in Iraq is now 1 to 1.25 (based on 51.5K military).

In Iraq there is a focus on consolidating, de-scoping and cancelling contracts.  We expect further decreases in the overall number of contractors as FOBs close and the military footprint is reduced later in FY11.

DoD and DoS are conducting detailed planning for post-2011 contract support.  We expect that approximately 17K-22K contractors will remain after December 31, 2011 in support of DoS and the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq.

Afghanistan Summary

The main categories of contracts in Afghanistan are similar to those shown in the Iraq summary.   We are currently capturing data by contracting activity as follows:

LOGCAP 31,126 34.5 %
Other* 23,356 25.8 %
*Includes Defense Logistics Agency, Army Materiel Command, Air Force External and Systems Support contracts, Special Operations Command and INSCOM.
Theater Support – Afghanistan 19,180 21.2 %
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 16,677 18.5 %
Total 90,339

OEF Contractor Posture Highlights:

There are currently approximately 90.3K DoD contractors in Afghanistan.

The military to contractor ratio in Afghanistan is 1 to 0.84 (based on 107.6 military).

Recent efforts to develop strategies to improve the viability of business in Afghanistan include developing a more skilled workforce, increasing business opportunities, increasing community cash flow, improving public infrastructure such as roads and utilities and community organizational capacity to maintain economic governance. All of these initiatives have a direct influence on the hiring of Afghani local nationals.

Local Nationals make up over 51% of the DoD contracted workforce in Afghanistan.

DoD Private Security Contractor Personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan

Private security contractors perform personal security, convoy security, and static security missions.  Not all private security contractor personnel are armed.

USCENTCOM reports, as of 2nd quarter FY 2011, the following distribution of private security contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq:

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Mozambique Court Releases G4S Guards

All Africa.com

Maputo — The Mozambican judicial authorities on Thursday ordered the release of the 24 workers from the firm Group Four Securicor (G4S) who were jailed in Maputo awaiting trial on charges relating to demonstrations outside the G4S offices on 6 April.

The decision was made by Judge Ana Felisberto Cunha of the Maputo Judicial Court, on presentation of declarations of identity and residence by the strikers

The release of the workers comes after the company withdrew the criminal complaints it had made against the group. According to G4S managing director, Pedro Baltazar, the decision to withdraw the charges was taken during a meeting of the Board of Directors held in Maputo on Monday as part of efforts to find a peaceful solution to the labour dispute at the company.

Please read the entire article here

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Suicide bomber attacks Afghan military base, Five foreign Soldiers killed

Update CNN

Official: 5 troops killed in Afghanistan bombing are all Americans

CNN) — Five troops killed in a suicide bombing this weekend at a military base in eastern Afghanistan were members of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, a senior U.S. military official said Sunday.

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) — A suicide bombing Saturday at a military base in eastern Afghanistan killed five foreign soldiers, according to the International Security Assistance Force.

The attack, according to an ISAF spokesman, was the worst in some time.

“A suicide bomber blew himself up at FOB (Forward Operating Base) Gamberi in Laghman Province,” the spokesman said. “There is reporting that indicates he (the bomber) was inside the base.”

The spokesman said the attack occurred during a meeting between Afghan soldiers and ISAF mentors.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mojahed claimed 12 foreign soldiers and four Afghan military service members died in the attack. He said the bomber, Abdul Ghani, “joined the Afghan National Army a month ago in order to kill the invaders.”

The ISAF spokesman said he was unable to provide further details about the attack and referred requests for more detailed information to the Afghan Ministry of Defense. The Laghman Province base is controlled by the Afghan National Security Forces, the spokesman said.  Please read the entire article here

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