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Sacramento woman killed in Iraq


SACRAMENTO, April 20 (UPI) — A Sacramento woman documenting an Iranian democracy movement in Iraq was killed by Iraqi soldiers, the United Nations reported.

Asieh Rakhshani, right, seen in 1996 with adoptive siblings

A U.N. report said Asieh Rakhshani, 30, was one of 34 unarmed Iranian expatriates allegedly slain April 8 by Iraqi soldiers while filming a pre-dawn confrontation over control of the northern section of Iraq’s Camp Ashraf, The Sacramento Bee reported Wednesday.

“My sister was one of the seven women killed,” said Hamid Yazdanpanah, a University of California-Davis and Pacific McGeorge School of Law graduate. His parents raised Rakhshani until 2000, when she left to rejoin her activist parents at Camp Ashraf.

“She wanted to live in a free Iran. She was sending lots of messages of hope to youth in Iran. She was full of life and joy,” said Yazdanpanah’s mother, Ensieh Yazdanpanah.

The State Department has condemned the violent attack on Camp Ashraf, even though it has been the headquarters of Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, “the people’s freedom fighters,” a controversial organization on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations, the Bee said.

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