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Cuts Mean Windfalls for Contractors

Mike Causey’s Federal Report  May 19, 2011

Contractors who are making big bucks helping Uncle Sam with national defense/homeland security could reap a major talent-and-dollars windfall if Congress slashes 150,000 federal jobs and lowers benefits for future retirees.

Many of them are watching in delight as politicians, in the name of economy, move to make government a not-so-great place to work. One proposal would trim take-home pay 5 to 6 percent.

Not that there is any connection, but contractors, using money paid them by the government, contribute a lot more money to politicians than federal and postal workers can or do.

Since 9/11, thousands of long-time federal workers from Defense, Homeland Security, Customs, ICE, the Secret Service and the FBI have left or retired to take related jobs in the private sector. They have several things that make them invaluable to companies that want to do high-security business with the government: A stable retirement benefit from the government, experience and contacts inside government, and must-have invaluable security clearances that are hard to come by.

Please read the entire report by Mike Causey

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