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Iraq:: Basra Provincial Council Bans All U.S. Troops from Basra province

ALL VOICES  June 25, 2011

According to this site the Basra Provincial Council has banned all U.S. troops from the province. The U.S. took over control of the Province from British forces in 2009. There were complaints that the Brits were not being aggressive enough against Shiite groups in the mostly Shiite province.

Apparently the area residents are not at all happy with the U.S. presence. The council voted to ban all U.S. troops from entering the province and demanded that they leave the Basra International Airport.

The US has a military base at the airport and also controls all traffic on the civilian side of the airport. Imagine Iraq still does not even control civilian air traffic at a major international airport but the U.S.

The motion comes after a US attack helicopters launched strikes against “suspects” in the city, with reports of several civilian casualties.

The resolution passed 26-9 vote in the council. There was strong support from the Sadrist Trend. The resolution also demanded that the US compensate citizens for damages suffered during military operations in the oil rich province.

Please read the entire story at ALL VOICES

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  1. It’s beginning to look like America still has it’s work cut out for them in Iraq.
    Now the ungrateful Shia controled government wants to ban all US forces in Basara. Just so that they can kill all non-shias living there and take complete control of that region.
    There so-call demand that we pay them compensation is a joke in itself. We lost a lot of troops fighting in Basara and all over Iraq just to help the Shia to get a fair deal in use to be Sunni control government by remove Sadam Hussain from power.
    If anything they should be paying us compensation for all of the brave US troops who sacrificed everything for their so-call freedom.
    They can’t even operate their own airport without our help. Perhaps, their true intentions are to kick us out and bring in the Iranians and Chinese.

    Comment by Robocop | June 26, 2011 | Reply

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