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U.S. officials believe ISI ordered journalist killed

FP Foreign Policy Daily Brief  July 5, 2011

U.S. intelligence officials reportedly believe that Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) ordered the killing in May of journalist Saleem Shahzad, after Shahzad investigated connections between the ISI and militants (NYT).

Intelligence was gathered about the threat to Shahzad’s life before and after his disappearance, and an official said that, “Every indication is that this was a deliberate, targeted killing that was most likely meant to send shock waves through Pakistan’s journalist community and civil society.”

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Rocket Strike in Green Zone July 4

BBC News July 5, 2011

In the heart of the capital, a rocket strike on the edge of the Green Zone on Monday night killed three women and two children when it landed on the grounds of the al-Rasheed hotel, Baghdad security spokesman Maj Gen Qassim Atta said.

Ten people were wounded and 25 caravans – occupied by workers at the hotel – were set ablaze. Two men have been arrested, Gen Atta said.

The AP news agency said the rocket attack came as American officials were holding Fourth of July celebrations at the US embassy nearby.

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