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Iraq militants say they will not hand over Briton

GulfNews.com  July 9, 2010

Baghdad: A Shiite militant group in Iraq said on Saturday that it would not hand over a British bodyguard it abducted four years ago, in a statement worded to suggest Alan McMenemy remains alive.

“The American occupiers did not stop their procrastination and delays in handing over our mujahedeen (holy warriors) in their prisons, so we declare we will not give them the British hostage Alan McMenemy,” said a statement from the Asaib Ahel al-Haq, or League of the Righteous.

“We will keep him until our demands our met,” said the statement, signed by Sheikh Akram al-Ka’bi, the deputy leader of the group, which Washington says is backed by Iran.

McMenemy dead or alive

The Arabic-language statement was worded to suggest that McMenemy, 34, was still alive, although the British government has believed for some time that he was killed by his kidnappers.

He was one of four bodyguards working with British computer consultant Peter Moore, when the five were kidnapped from the finance ministry in Baghdad in May 2007 by some 40 gunmen from the breakaway Shiite militia.

Moore was released unharmed in December 2009, and the bodies of the three other Britons, Alec MacLachlan, 30, Jason Swindlehurst, 38, and Jason Creswell, 39, were handed over to British officials in 2009.

The Iraqi government said in January last year it was expecting the Shiite group to imminently hand over McMenemy’s body, but the handover never happened

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Two Americans- (1Contractor?) killed in Afghanistan

Contractor Killed in Iraq Saturday (possibly this incident)

Associated Press at The Washington Post

Afghan guard shoots dead NATO soldier, civilian working with coalition in northern province

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan guard opened fire at a NATO-escorted reconstruction convoy after an argument Saturday, killing a service member and a civilian working for the coalition before being killed by return fire, a provincial police chief said.

The convoy was traveling in the northern Panjshir province, about 62 miles (99 kilometers) north of the capital, Kabul, when it came under attack, according to provincial police chief Gen. Mohammad Qasim Jangalbagh.

The Afghan guard, who goes by the name Amanullah, was standing outside his home when the convoy passed by, the police chief said.

The guard stopped the convoy, started arguing with the NATO troops and then opened fire, killing the service member and the civilian, Jangalbagh said. A third coalition service member was wounded in the shooting, the police chief added, and another NATO service member fired back, killing Amanullah.

Amanullah worked as a bodyguard for the second-ranking official in Afghanistan’s intelligence service — Gen. Assam Din Assam, the deputy director for National Directorate for Security, the police chief said. Read more at WAPO

(CNN)  July 9, 2011

An Afghan and two Americans were killed during an exchange of fire in northeastern Afghanistan on Saturday, the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said.

The intelligence agency said those killed were Americans were working for a provincial reconstruction team in Panjshir province and an Afghan “shooter.”

NATO’s International Security Assistance Force press office called the Panjshir incident an attack and confirmed that an ISAF service member and an ISAF civilian were killed.

The alliance would not disclose their nationalities per ISAF policy “to defer to the host casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities.”

Authorities are investigating an argument that broke out when a NATO vehicle was stopped by the intelligence agency in Darah district, said Gen. Qassim Genghal Bogh, police chief of Panjshir province. He said the intelligence agency staff opened fire.

“We don’t know what was the main reason of the argument,” Bogh said

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