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Prosecutors Pursuing New Charges Against Suspended Defense Contractor Agility

POGO Project on Government Oversight

This week, it was reported that federal prosecutors are investigating potential new criminal charges against Agility, the Kuwaiti logistics company under indictment for overcharging the U.S. military on food supply contracts.

Agility (formerly Public Warehousing Company KSC and PWC Logistics), has been suspended from federal contracting since being indicted in November 2009. (The suspension record can be found on the Excluded Parties List System website.) Agility is also facing a civil False Claims Act lawsuit in the matter. The criminal charges also prompted DynCorp International to fire Agility as its main subcontractor in Afghanistan. This is what happens when you get caught “Playing With Uncle Sam’s Food,” as POGO wrote when we first heard about the case.

According to a court order, prosecutors subpoenaed an Agility executive, retired U.S. Army General Dan Mongeon, to testify before a grand jury in order to explore possible new charges. Agility is accused of overcharging the Department of Defense by inflating food prices and submitting false information on food supply contracts awarded between 2003 and 2005. It is not clear what General Mongeon’s testimony will add to the case, which seemed on the verge of settling last year.

Please read the entire report at POGO

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Rape charges dropped against former Iraq contractor

A judge has dismissed rape and indecent liberties charges against a former Iraq contractor.

The Pilot Online  July 27, 2011

Police brought Daniel P. Phillips, 46, back from Iraq in January to face felony charges of rape, indecent liberties and aggravated sexual battery, according to a police report.

In court papers, Phillips denied the allegations and stated that he was in Kuwait and Iraq between December 2004 and January 2005, when the alleged attacks occurred.

Earlier this month, a prosecutor asked the judge to dismiss the charges and release Phillips from the Norfolk jail. Circuit Court Judge Charles E. Poston on Monday signed an order dismissing the charges

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Landmine blast in Mohmand leaves 3 dead, several injured

By Iftikhar Firdous  at The Express Tribune  July 27, 2011

Three people including one security personnel and two peace committee members were killed in mine explosions when security forces launched the third phase of the operation Brekhna in Tehsil Bayzai of Mohmand Agency.

At least twelve others were injured.

“We have started the third phase of the military operation Brekhna in the Bayzai Tehsil of Mohmand Agecy,” confirmed a security official in Peshawar.

Sources said that the security forces were moving along with the peace committee and Levis personnel in the Manzaree Cheena area when the members of the peace committee hit a land mine in which two members were killed.

In the second explosion, one more security person was killed.

Sources said that there were at least five mine explosions in which at least five security personnel and seven members of the peace committee were injured.

“Although we are facing no resistance from the militants,” said APA Upper Mohmand, Maqsood Khan while speaking to The Express Tribune “It’s the mines that they left behind that are causing some problem. However, the sweeping of the area is underway,” he added

Please read the entire story here

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