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Iraq seeks US training deal for interior ministry

By SUADAD AL SALHY Rueters Baghdad at Al Aribiya News

Iraq’s interior ministry plans to sign a deal with the US government to supply scores of US civilian security personnel to train its troops, a senior Iraqi security official said.

A US soldier patrols with a Kurdish Peshmerga soldier (right) from the Golden Lions forces, in the city of Kirkuk, 155 miles (250 km) north of Baghdad.

The agreement, which requires Iraqi cabinet approval, would mean the interior ministry at least will have little need for US troops to stay on beyond their planned year-end withdrawal, senior ministry official Adnan Al Asadi told Reuters.

Iraq wants the United States to supply several thousand trainers for its military, sources have said, but is still debating whether to ask Washington to leave some troops behind for training, especially to fill gaps in their capabilities.

Mr. Asadi said the deal with Washington would supply Iraq with 200 security advisers and experts from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. They will be deployed at the training centers in Baghdad, Basra, Arbil, Mosul and maybe Hilla.

US troops are scheduled to leave when a security accord with Iraq ends this year, but the training agreement will be covered by a broader security cooperation framework between the governments.

Please read the entire story here

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