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Linda Norgrove’s life savings of £91k to help Afghanistan

A charity foundation set up in the aid worker’s name will aid woman and children in the war-torn country.

STV  August 5, 2011

The life savings of Linda Norgrove, who was killed during a rescue mission in Afghanistan, have been ploughed in to projects set up to help women and children in the war-torn country where she died.

The “frugal” aid worker left more than £91,000 in her will, it has emerged. That money has now been ploughed into the Linda Norgrove Foundation, a charity set up in her name.

Her father John said Linda was the only student he ever knew who left university with any savings. He said he believed Linda had been setting money aside for a pension or a home.

The 36-year-old was kidnapped by Taliban fighters in September 2010. She was killed a week later during an attempt by American special forces to rescue her. Numerous projects to help people in Afghanistan have been launched since her tragic death

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