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Surfers honor Navy EOD Kraig Vickers killed in Afghan crash with paddle out

Aaron Applegate The Virginan Pilot  Aug 10, 2011

Red carnations and fluttering American flags lined the beach, forming a gateway to the surf Tuesday night. Sunflowers, daisies and red roses filled buckets, as more than 200 surfers picked up a flower, clenched it in their teeth and paddled out into the ocean off Sandbridge near one of Kraig Vickers favorite surfing spots.

Vickers, a Navy bomb disposal technician working with a Beach-based SEAL team, was one of 30 Americans killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan. He lived in Virginia Beach with his wife and several children. Another child is on the way.

Just south of the Little Island Fishing Pier, surfers and stand up paddlers formed a giant circle, interlocking hands and paddles in a ceremony called a paddle out.

The event was a rare public display of mourning for victims of the crash in a city home to secretive, close-knit SEAL teams and those who work with them.

Just before Tuesday’s paddle-out circle broke up, whoops, screams and splashing erupted from the crowd and hundreds of flowers were cast into the ocean where they floated.

Please read the entire article at The Virginian Pilot

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