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James “Jimmer” Wilson, Bomb Disposal, loses legs in Afghanistan

This is Hampshire  October 8, 2011

The 29-year-old soldier, who was on his first tour of Afghanistan, has been given only a 50-50 chance of survival.

James – known as Jimmer – was heading a bomb disposal team in Helmand Province when the roadside device went off. As well as losing both legs he also suffered serious lung damage in the blast, which left a large crater.

Ian, 58, of Lymington, said: “It was a massive blast. James was suckered in – then the Taliban hit him with a remotecontrolled explosion.

“I got really angry when I saw him lying injured in the hospital. My legs turned to jelly and I felt physically sick.

“But I can’t bring myself to hate the person who did it. For all I know he could have lost his family in an American air strike.

“The person I really blame is Tony Blair. He stumbled into Afghanistan clinging to George Bush’s shirt tails and got trigger happy.”

It is not the first time Sapper Wilson’s family has been touched by tragedy.

His brother Stuart, a member of the Royal Logistics Corps, was serving in Bosnia in 1997 when died after his 38-ton fuel tanker plunged down a ravine. The 19-year-old soldier was trying to avoid a collision when the accident happened.

His family believe the vehicle was unroadworthy and have spent the past 14 years pressing the Ministry of Defence for answers.

Ian said: “Stuart died saving Bosnian civilian lives and Jimmer was trying to save lives as well.”

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