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Ex-Marine Says Pulitzer-Winner Defamed Him

Courthouse News  October 19, 2011

TULSA (CN) – A former Marine who worked for “a private security firm” in Iraq claims Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Steve Fainaru defamed him in the book, “Big Boy Rules: America’s Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq,” depicting him as “a sadistic killing machine,” who drank heavily on duty and “turned his military grade automatic weapon on and fired shots at an innocent person for amusement.”
Jacob Washbourne sued Fainaru, Da Capo Press and The Perseus Books Group, claiming the book “Big Boy Rules: America’s Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq,” defamed him, invaded his privacy, depicted him in false light, and caused emotional distress.
Washbourne says Fainaru interviewed him and his co-workers at Triple Canopy, “a private security firm who contracted to provide security in Iraq.”

The complaint states: “In the book, Fainaru depicts the plaintiff as violent and cruel, and a drunk, setting forth, for example:
“a. That Washbourne arbitrarily discharged firearms at Iraqi civilians without adequately assessing whether such individuals posed an actual safety threat;
“b. That Washbourne had a callous and indifferent attitude toward killing people;
“c. That Washbourne actually enjoyed killing people – Fainaru wrote that Washbourne stated to his colleagues ‘I want to kill somebody today’ and that became a title chapter in ‘Big Boy Rules’;
“d. That Washbourne drank a lot of alcohol while on assignment and it routinely affected his work – Fainaru wrote that Washbourne was often absent from the briefings he was supposed to conduct because he was ‘sleeping off the previous night’s binge;’
“e. That Washbourne got to keep his job with Triple Canopy despite his abhorrent behavior only because he was best friends with his immediate supervisor, Ryan Thomason;

Please read the entire article here

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