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France suspends Afghan mission after attack on troops

“The French army is in Afghanistan at the service of the Afghans against terrorism and against the Taliban. The French army is not in Afghanistan so that Afghan soldiers can shoot at them,” Sarkozy said

France 24 January 20, 2012

France will temporarily suspend all training and combat operations in Afghanistan following a fatal attack on its troops, President Nicolas Sarkozy announced after four French soldiers died Friday in an attack by an Afghan army soldier.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed the death, which brings to 82 the number of French troops killed in the Afghan campaign.

“From now on, all the operations of training and combat help by the French army are suspended,” Sarkozy said in Paris


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  1. I agree with this movement.. It’s about time that someone stands up to these radicles ( Afgan. or Iraq soldiers) we are training to take military roles in their country..! When we (NATO) accidentally injure or kill one of them we are put thru political hell. They on the other hand continue to deliberately kill the ones that are feeding them.. I say to hell with the dead line… PULL OUR TROOPS OUT…!! In the long run we will come to realize that these people have no desire to change and will continue to be a thorn in the worlds ass forever.. No matter what we do while attempting to prevent the inevitable, we are not wanted in their part of the world.. While the world is hanging on the verge of monetary collapse they are spiting in our eye..!

    Comment by Ron | January 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. Good call, no sense in risking any more lives for these fine soldiers. If they were American soldiers than nothing would have been done.

    Comment by monkeybones | January 30, 2012 | Reply

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