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R Norman Moody Florida Today  February 2, 2012

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE — Aviators at Brevard County’s beachside base are honing skills they will take to Afghanistan as part of efforts to build that country’s air force well ahead of the anticipated withdrawal of U.S. forces in 2014.

“We were really happy when the Air Force said, ‘Can we use your guys?’ ” said Paul O’Sullivan Jr., deputy director of the Department of State Air Wing at Patrick Air Force Base. “We’re happy to be able to help them.”

When word came about the need to train pilots on the Italian-made C-27 twin engine cargo planes, the Department of State Air Wing became a natural partner. The Air Wing, along with its main contractor, DynCorp International, and the Air Force are working together to help strengthen the Afghan air force.

“Our guys here will train the trainers in Afghanistan,” said Eric Huppert, DynCorp’s C-27 program manager. “It’s basically (to) teach them to fish.”

The plan is to have enough Afghan trainers in place when American forces withdraw from the country

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