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Army Major Took ‘Gratuities’ in Iraq

Courthouse News Service  April 10, 2012

An Army major pleaded guilty to taking $20,000 in “gratuities” from an Iraqi contractor he helped circumvent security near a military base, federal prosecutors said.
Christopher Grant Bradley, 42, of El Paso, pleaded guilty Monday in El Paso Federal Court to two counts of illegally accepting gratuities. He faces up to 1 year in prison and agreed to pay $20,000 in restitution.
Bradley admitted that on two occasions he accepted $10,000 in cash from the unnamed contractor. He admitted he was paid after escorting the contractor around the Forward Operating Base Diamondback in Mosul, Iraq, after the contractor was unable to hire a properly credentialed employee.
He also helped the contractor get around security that required offloading and reloading of trucks before entering the base.
Bradley was stationed at the base from January to November 2008.
His sentencing date is pending

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