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Government Furnished Contractor Support Under C-JTSCC (IPD #12-08)

CENTCOM Joint Theater Support Contracting Command


Interim Policy Directive #12-08

Effective Date April 6, 2012

Applicability:  This IPD applies to all contracting activities subordinate to the Commanding General of CENTCOM  Joint Theater Support Contracting Command  (C-JTSCC), who is the head of contracting activity (HCA) for Afghanistan and Coordinating Authority for Iraq, and all external agencies to C-JTSCC which have issued or will issue contracts for performance in Afghanistan or Iraq.

1. Purpose:  The purpose of this IPD is to revise the C-JTSCC  Acquistion Instruction (AI) clause 952.255-0011, Government Issued Contractor Support, to account for security support provided to contractors in Iraq.     The following changes are made to the AI:

2.  CHANGE Language 952.255-0011 Government Issued Contractor Support


As prescribed in AI 25.7703-5(j), insert clause 952.255.0011, Government Issued Contractor Support in all service and construction contracts with performance in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Prior to checking blocks to authorize services for contractor personnel, Contracting Officers shall coordinate with requiring activities to verify what services are available and authorized at their locations.

See the document here


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