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Mine kills Croatian EOD contractor near Osijek, Croatia

Vecernji list  January 11, 2012

49 year-old EOD specialist from Croatian mine clearance company Mungos was killed today while performing his duties in Darđanska forest near Osijek, Croatia’s 4th largest city.

An estimated 1500 landmines remain in the forests by Drava river, and mine clearance specialists arrived in December 2011 to start clearing them out. Due to forested terrain, remote controlled demining vehicles couldn’t be used. EOD personnel commented that the mines were lain without a particular plan, making it more difficult to locate particular fields.

754.5 square kilometers of Croatia are still covered with mines, down from over 4500 square kilometers immediately after the war.

A total of 1.5-2 million land mines, were deployed by Serb forces during the Homeland War. A total of 8% of Croatian territory was mined at the end of the war. Some 1500 people suffered injuries from mine blasts and around 440 were killed by 2011.

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