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Steven Lewis Weinbrenner, Civilian Contractor, found dead while home from Afghanistan

FBI now investigating Steven Weinbrenner Death  May 8, 2012

Hobart Community   May 3, 2012

Police are investigating the death of a 59-year-old Hobart man whose body was found lying near a container of potassium cyanide.

“We’re not ruling anything out as to the cause of death,” police Detective David Evans said.

The deceased is identified as Steven Lewis Weinbrenner, Evans said.

Police were called to the Weinbrenner home, in the 300 block of Fox Trail Court, shortly before 10:30 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a call from the deceased man’s son.

Both the Hobart Fire Department and Hazmat personnel were called to the scene because of the potassium cyanide found in the house, Evans said.

Hazmat personnel removed the body to a secure site.

Weinbrenner had been employed as a chemist, but was most recently working as a private contractor for the government in Afghanistan, Evans said.

Evans said Weinbrenner had been home, but was scheduled to go back to Afghanistan later this week.

The death investigation by police will be concluded once reports are received from both the Lake County Coroner and Hazmat, Evans said.

Evans said it’s his understanding that at least a couple of the firefighters who were called to the scene had to be taken to St. Mary Medical Center because they fell ill.

Hobart Fire Chief Brian Taylor could not be reached for comment about their condition

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Steven L. Weinbrenner , International Safety Director, Black & Veatch

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DOD Memorandum: Life Support for Third Party Contractors in Afghanistan

April 27, 2012

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

3000 Defense Pentagon

Washington DC 20301-3000

Memorandum:  Subject:  Life Support for Third Party Contractors in Afghanistan

This is to advise DOD Contracting Officers and Contracting Officers Representatives (COR) that Embassy Kabul must concur before any DOD Contracting Officer obligates the US Mission in Afghanistan to provide life support of any kind to contractor personnel.

Please see the entire document here

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UN Declares Kabul “White” City, Highest Security Status effective immediatley

May 3, 2012

The UN have declared Kabul a “White City” Highest Security Status effective immediately.

This means all movement for UN staff have been immediately suspended within Kabul and more than likely all of Afghanistan.

The UN Claims that there has also been an increase in security threats specifically along the Jalalabad Road corridor, the most likely targets will be the military installations, international military, Afghan military and Police, government buildings, UN complex, and the Green Village as the obvious targets.

There has been no known specific threats at this time and Coalition Embassies and Forces are not registering additional known threats. Due to the significant events past and present and future with the Chicago Conference their exist the potential to build up for a spectacular event within Kabul City Area

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