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United Nations board of inquiry finds Ronco Consulting failed to find mines

Careful who you follow….

Fartham vs Ronco Consulting

A United Nations Mine Action Employee has filed a lawsuit against Ronco Consulting Corporation for negligence after stepping on a landmine resulting in an immediate below the knee amputation in an area previously cleared by and certified clear of landmines by Ronco Consulting.

The United Nations board of inquiry found that Ronco failed to find the mine that injured Mr Fartham as well as three other mines.

The complaint states that Ronco Consulting, acting through it’s agents and/or employee’s, breached it’s professional duty of care to Fantham and did not exercise the reasonable care and skill expected of professional mine clearance companies.

Fartham vs Ronco Consulting

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Afghanistan death soldiers Andrew Roberts and Ratu Silibaravi repatriated

BBC News  May 10, 2012

The soldiers were members of a bomb disposal search team

Cpl Andrew Roberts and Pte Ratu Silibaravi died in a mortar rocket attack in Helmand province.

The soldiers, both 32, were from the Royal Logistic Corps, attached to 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh Battlegroup.

The cortege from RAF Brize Norton will pass the Memorial Garden near Carterton before travelling to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Both soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan on 11 March as part of an advanced search team in the operations squadron of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search Task Forces.

They were members of 23 Pioneer Regiment, based in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Their team was involved in search operations to clear irrigation ditches and enhance the security of operating bases, as well as providing support to patrolling troops.

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Civilian Contractor, National Guard, Colin Erwin Injured in Afghanistan

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) –  May 10, 2012

A wounded Huntsville solider is on his way home from Afghanistan and you can show your support for him this week.

Sgt. Colin Erwin is with the 203rd MP Alabama Army National Guard. He was working as a contractor supporting the Army when the gym he was in took a direct hit from mortar fire.

Sgt. Erwin’s mother said her son suffered injuries to the torso and right leg.

Sgt. Erwin will arrive at Huntsville Airport Thursday at 10:30 a.m. He will be escorted home by friends, family and patriot guard riders.

Anyone interested in welcoming home this wounded warrior is asked to be at the Huntsville Airport by 10 a.m. Madison Fire, Monrovia Fire and Heritage Elementary will line the streets along the route on County Line Road to Old Railroad Bed Road. The family invites supporters to also line the route.

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No US troops but an army of contractors in Iraq

Contractors, who assist soldiers in preparing for drills, with after-action reviews, are at forefront of US efforts to train Iraqi forces.

Middle East Online  May 10, 2012

Explosions throw up clouds of smoke near Iraqi soldiers with armoured vehicles, who check for casualties, spot enemy forces in the desert ahead of them and then open fire.

But the blasts are only simulated artillery fire and the “enemy forces” are pop-up silhouette targets, not gunmen and vehicles.

That is just as well for these soldiers on a training exercise, as the puffs of dust kicked up by bullets downrange indicate that their aim is often off the mark.

An Iraqi company commander led his soldiers in the exercise at the massive Besmaya military base southeast of Baghdad, but it was a foreign contractor who controlled the scenario.

It was the contractor who ordered the targets raised and lowered amid the sounds made by .50 calibre machine guns on the armoured vehicles and the chatter of M-16 rifles.

Contractors, who also assist soldiers in preparing for drills and with after-action reviews, are at the forefront of US efforts to train Iraqi forces.

Negotiations on a post-2011 US military training mission broke down last year over Iraqi reluctance to offer the trainers immunity from prosecution, and almost all American soldiers left the country last December.

But they left behind the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq (OSC-I), a group of about 157 military personnel under US embassy authority, and some 600 civilian contractors, mostly retired soldiers.

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