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Internal U.S. report: Syrian military violating ceasefire, attacking aid workers

Josh Rogin Foreign Policy

Syrian government forces continue to attack opposition forces, civilians, and aid volunteers, preventing the international community from getting emergency aid to the Syrian people, USAID has detailed in a series of internal reports obtained by The Cable.

In its latest “humanitarian update,” written at the end of April, USAID reported in detail the extensive attacks perpetrated by Syrian Arab Republic Government (SARG) troops, despite an ongoing U.N. monitoring mission and in direct violation of the “cease-fire” there. The USAID report, marked “sensitive but unclassified,” sourced its findings to U.N. representatives in Syria as well as representatives of the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC), the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), and other aid groups on the ground.

“U.N.-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan expressed concerns regarding reports of SARG reprisal attacks in areas where Syrian civilians met with U.N. observers, including in Hamah and Damascus governorates,” the report stated. “The observers report that SARG forces have not withdrawn heavy weapons from urban centers — a condition of the U.N. and Arab League supported ceasefire and peace plan that went into effect on April 12.”

Although the U.N. Security Council has authorized the deployment of 300 monitors, the report could only confirm that “at least 11” U.N. monitors had arrived in Syria as of April 24. (Additional monitors have reportedly arrived since then.)

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Ex-sailor has boom industry all sewn up

News Scotman  May 14, 2012

A FORMER Royal Navy sailor is supplying bullet-proof vests to armed forces around the world after learning how to sew and setting up a defence industry company on an industrial estate in Glasgow.

According to Sam Sarkar, 34, a former submariner and warfare officer, a stitch in time not only saves nine but potentially the lives of his customers, which include the Los Angeles Police Department, the US army and the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Mr Sarkar first began to trade in body armour, but became so concerned by the slip-shod stitching of some products on the market that he bought a sewing machine on eBay and attended evening sewing classes so he could design his own range.

His products are helping to save lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sarkar Defence Solutions, based at the Hillington Industrial Estate, sells a range of bullet- and stab-proof vests, bomb blankets, made from a high-strength fabric that protects against shrapnel, protective helmets and demining boots, worn by bomb disposal teams.

“I had to learn to sew so that I could make vests on which I could give a 100 per cent guarantee,” said Mr Sarkar, who was born in India and came to Scotland at the age of 16.

“A soldier or a police officer is issued with just one vest, and it doesn’t matter if the other 10,000 are perfect, if that one vest has a fault then, for him, it could prove fatal.”

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