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DOJ to seek new indictment in Blackwater shooting


The Justice Department plans to bring a new indictment against four Blackwater Worldwide guards involved in a 2007 shooting that killed 17 Iraqis.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina had thrown out the case in 2009, but an appeals court reinstated the charges last year.

Urbina, who has since retired, said prosecutors built their case on sworn statements the guards had given under a promise of immunity.

A Justice Department attorney told Judge Royce Lamberth on Wednesday that a special team will ensure that prosecutors working on the new indictment don’t have access to “privileged statements.” Prosecutors say they will seek a superseding indictment after gathering additional evidence.

The guards are accused of opening fire in a crowded Baghdad intersection in 2007.


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  1. They did nothing wrong. Let me tell you a dirty little secret. The only reason this is an issue is because one of the Terrorists killed that day was a family member of a high ranking Iraqi Govt official, this in itself is an embarrassment. And is being hidden in classified American documents.

    Also an issue that is often misleading is when they say “civilians” we’re killed. Terrorist are civilians!! All civilians, Women and children alike are potential threats.

    Terrorist groups have placed bombs on children. Another little known or spoken fact is what was know of as the “retard bomb”. The terrorists would place a bomb on a handicapped child or young adult. Americans, who are inherently compassionate will walk over and be nice to that mentally retarded individual. Then…. Boooom !!!

    The US Govt officials in the embassy were overheard and sources say it was recorded. That the US Govt is allowing this prosecution to move forward because they want to allow the “Iraqi govt to show its sovereignty”.
    This in itself is a disgrace.

    The known enemy in Baghdad was the US trained Iraqi Police.

    Blackwater was attacked on numerous occations by the Iraqi police. This fact is hidden from the public and is classified.

    Classifying information has been using outside of its correct purpose, it is usually not to protect us it’s used to cover up things more often our own Govts wrong doing. .

    Iran contra has nothing on Blackwaters dealings. Shipments of weapons for the CIA which were turned over to the Iraqis then on occations these same weapons were used against US Troops.

    Let me tell you how it was done. The US Dept of State Diplomatic Security Service in what was called the RSO office located inside the US Embassy would request Blackwater teams to go to Camp Vicotry on weapons runs for the CIA. Blackwater then would assigne one or two of its 23 teams to go on what was called a “Airport Run”. The assigned team would travel the dangerous “Route Irish” and go to Camp Victory. They would go to the PX and buy Steaks and other items for one of the typical Blackwater “man camp” parties. At some point they would go the the airport and meet one of the Blackwater aircraft. Unload weapons cases, drive them back to the green zone, to the green zone PX parking lot where a US govt Agent would meet them in the parking lot. Weapons unloaded and covered up in a pick up truck.

    I assure you any weapons transfer on the up and up must go through accounting and officially signing weapons into a arms room. This did not occur.

    There are a lot of dirty secrets

    Comment by Superman | July 29, 2012 | Reply

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