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Afghans say kidnapped aid workers in mountains, talks begin

Reuters May 24, 2012

Gunmen in Afghanistan are demanding money for the release of five aid workers, including two Western women doctors, held in remote mountains and authorities have opened negotiations in the hope of freeing them, an investigator said on Thursday.

The aid workers employed by Swiss-based aid group Medair were making their way from Faizabad city in rugged northeast Badakhshan province on Tuesday to visit flood-stricken areas when they were abducted about half-way to their destination.

“All five aid workers have been carried to the mountainous district of Shahr-e Bozorg and they are keeping them there,” said Sakhidad Haidari, the senior police detective for the remote province.

“We have found their position and we are in negotiation, but that process has not reached any conclusion yet,” Haidari said.

The kidnapping of foreigners has become relatively common in parts of Afghanistan since U.S-backed Afghan forces toppled the Taliban government in 2001, heralding a 10-year anti-insurgent war.

In 2010, 10 foreign medical workers, including six Americans, were killed in Badakhshan in an attack blamed on insurgents.

Haidari said the gunmen in the latest incident were thought to belong to kidnap and criminal groups who were taking advantage of the difficult terrain and the loose grip on the area of Afghan security forces.

“I don’t think that they have any connection with the Taliban or other insurgent groups,” Haidari said.

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4 Afghan Aid Workers Kidnapped in Northern Afghanistan

VOA News

Officials say four Afghans working for a French development organization have been kidnapped in northern Afghanistan.

Afghan government officials say the aid workers were kidnapped Monday while heading back from work in Faryab province.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the abduction, and the condition of the workers is not known.

The relief organization, known as ACTED, works primarily in the field of rural development, civil society, and agriculture.

In other violence in Afghanistan, six civilians were killed Monday in twin explosions in eastern Afghanistan. The attacks took place in the Dangam district of Kunar province.

Authorities say a civilian vehicle struck a roadside bomb and when passers-by ran to assist the driver, another mine exploded. Six people were killed and two wounded in the blasts.

Also Monday, NATO said one of its service members was killed in southern Afghanistan. The coalition said it was investigating the circumstances of the soldier’s death and gave no other details

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