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Suit against Floridian over South Africa car crash belongs in Bergen County

North Jersey.com  April 11, 2011

A Florida man who allegedly caused a car crash in South Africa that injured two New Jersey residents can be sued in Bergen County courts, the state Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The unanimous ruling settled a dispute over venue in an unusual personal-injury case. The accident occurred outside the United States, but all the parties involved are American citizens or corporations.

For the plaintiffs, Amin Yousef of Budd Lake and Crane Robinson of Oxford Township, the decision means a shot at a much bigger award than they could have won in courts in South Africa, where judgments for compensatory damages, in the words of Justice Barry T. Albin, “are far less generous that those in New Jersey.”

Yousef and Robinson were civilian employees of the U.S. Army working on a project in South Africa five years ago, according to court papers.

Their business brought them together with a Florida resident, David Edmonds, who worked for General Dynamics-Ordinance and Tactical Systems, Inc., a defense contractor.

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