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390 Costa Rica Private Security Companies Under Investigation

Costa Rica News   September 15, 2012

Go figure! These companies do little no no background checks on the people they hire, do not do proper training with the firearms they are given, and allow them to walk around “protecting” a certain business or area. Give a untrained person a firearm and do not do a psychological evaluation and bad things are going to happen.

The files are analyzed by the Directorate of Private Security Services of the Ministry of Public Security.

Andrew Olsen, head of the unit, explained that the anomalies are the use of weapons are that they are not registered, or are registered for a different person who carries it. Also, the guards do not have permits to carry these weapons in many cases.

Indeed, earlier this year, the company suspended the license to the company Diema SA and its owner after residential neighbors The Itaba in Curridabat Sanchez, interpose a series of complaints to the Prosecutor by threats and attacks.

Meanwhile,they initiated the process to determine if the permit should be revoked permanently from operating.

Yesterday, Olsen said that this is one of the cases that is under investigation, so he could not give details.

Director of private security services said there are other faults as “wearing uniforms similar to those of the police, which is forbidden.”

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