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Three Civilian Contractors, Police Trainers, killed in Green on Blue Herat Afghanistan Unknown Number Wounded

US identifies contractors killed in Afghanistan

The victims were Benjamin Monsivais, a former US Border Patrol and retired Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent; Joseph Perez, a retired US Customs and Border Protection port director; and retired British customs officer David Chamberlain, DHS said in a statement.

Dave Chamberlain was killed in western Afghanistan alongside two American colleagues by a gunman who turned his weapon against the US military coalition, sources have said.

Mr Chamberlain, who was in his 40s and from Westgate-on-Sea, was working for the Border Management Task Force, which trains and mentors former Afghan customs officers and border policemen, when he and his colleagues were killed on Sunday, a source said.

He said another American national had been taken to hospital with severe injuries and that an Afghan interpreter had also been injured during the shooting.

A British civilian contractor was one of three people shot dead on Sunday by a person wearing an Afghan national security force uniform.
An Afghan police officer shot and killed three American civilians on Sunday at the West Zone Police Training Center in Herat province, CNN reports.  Huff Post
Afghan in uniform kills three NATO contractors

(AFP)–1 hour ago

KABUL — Three foreign civilian contractors working for NATO as trainers were killed Sunday when a man in an Afghan security force uniform turned his weapon against them, NATO and Afghan officials said.

The shooter was killed in the incident in the west of the country, the International Security Assistance Force said in a statement, without giving further details or naming the nationalities of the victims.

An Afghan official who requested anonymity said he knew two Americans had been killed in the attack and they had been shot by an Afghan man in a police uniform in a military training centre near the Herat airport.

HERAT (Reuters) –  July 22, 2012

A gunman wearing an Afghan uniform turned his weapon against foreign trainers working for NATO in the western province of Herat on Sunday, killing three, in a grim 24 hours for the coalition which also saw five NATO soldiers killed.

The latest rogue shooting by an Afghan in a police or army uniform happened at a regional training center in the relatively peaceful western province near Afghanistan’s border with Iran, which is normally patrolled by Italian forces.

“An individual wearing an Afghan National Security Force uniform turned his weapon against ISAF contracted civilian employees in western Afghanistan today, killing three,” a spokesman for the NATO-led coalition said, adding that an unknown number of other people had been wounded.

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Briton, Iraqi driver killed on roadside bomb targeting security firm cars

Kuna News Agency Kuwait June 19, 2011

BAGHDAD, June 19 (KUNA) — A security contractor of British nationality was killed Sunday along with an Iraqi citizen accompanying him on an assault targetting a convoy of security firm in Basra, south of Iraq.
A security source from the police said that the explosive charge exploded near to the intersection between Safwan town and Zubair district, 16 km west of Basra, when a convoy of SUVs of a security firm was passying by in what caused the death of the Iraqi driver, and a Briton security contractor who was with him in the car when it bumped into the roadside bomb.
The blow-up damaged the car in which was the security contractor, and inflicted heavy damages on the other SUV which were part of the autocade.
A security force cordoned off the scene, while the two bodies were transported to a nearby hospital, and investigation started into the accident’s circumstances.
Hashem Al-Luaibi, Basra governorate’s spokesperson, asserted to KUNA the incident, making clear that a Briton serving as a security contractor has been killed along with his Iraqi driver when an explosive charge targeted an autocade of four-wheel-drive cars of their company, west of Basra.

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