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CENTCOM Suspends Two US Contractors Amid Non-Payment Allegations

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KABUL, Afghanistan – CENTCOM Contracting Command announced today that two prime contractors to the U.S. military in Afghanistan had their U.S. federal government contracting privileges suspended as a result of questions regarding their financial resources.

Concerns were identified when several contractors brought allegations that Bennett-Fouch Associates and K5 Global, both owned by an American, Ms. Sarah Lee, failed to pay subcontractors. The U.S. government attempted to contact Bennett-Fouch without success to address these allegations in connection with construction contracts at military bases in Afghanistan. The failure of firms to pay their local national workforce or local national subcontractors adversely affects counterinsurgency strategy.

According to documents provided by its subcontractors, Bennett-Fouch falsely blamed the alleged nonpayment on the U.S. government, claiming it had failed to pay the prime contractor. In reality, the U.S. government had paid Bennett-Fouch for the work on the construction projects. Before the government became aware of these allegations, Bennett-Fouch closed its local offices and its bank accounts in Afghanistan. The contracting officer attempted to locate the contractor to complete its final payment, but given these allegations, the government has set aside the remaining amount due pending final resolution. Please the see entire story here

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