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Contractors nervous about public access to database of past problems

By Marjorie Censer at The Washington Post February 21, 2010

A new database on contractors’ past behavior has industry scrambling to prepare, according to contracting lawyers and advocates.

The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System, or FAPIIS, is meant to ensure the government, before making major awards to contractors, knows of past problems such as criminal convictions, fines, suspensions and contracts terminated due to default. The database, with the exception of past performance reviews, is set to go public in mid-April.

Now, attorneys and industry advocates say contractors are concerned about how the information will be used and whether their proprietary data will be protected. In the past, such records have not been easily accessible by the public.

“When the database was for use inside the government only, companies were concerned about misinformation,” said Alan Chvotkin, executive vice president and counsel at the Professional Services Council, an industry association. But contractors had the opportunity to speak with government representatives to clarify the facts.

The public, he said, is far more likely to misuse or misinterpret information from the database.

The new system will take a while to become a comprehensive source, as it depends on people entering information. Some records are to be submitted by the contractors themselves; others come directly from the government.

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