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French Journalist Missing in Columbian Rebel Attack

BOGOTA—An attack by Colombia’s largest rebel group, known as FARC, killed four members of the armed forces, Colombia’s Defense Ministry said. Five other soldiers and a French journalist are missing after the attack, in the southern state of Caqueta, officials said.

French journalist Romeo Langlois in June. Paris-based news outlet France24 identified Mr. Langlois as its employee.

The attack is likely to spoil what had been rising hopes for possible peace talks between the rebels and the government after the guerrillas earlier this month freed 10 military hostages in a “humanitarian gesture.”

In a statement Saturday night, the Defense Ministry identified the missing French journalist as Romeo Langlois. It didn’t indicate which news organization Mr. Langlois worked for, but Paris-based news outlet France24 said on its website that Mr. Langlois is its employee and that he also works for French newspaper Le Figaro.

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Colombian rebels say they’ll no longer kidnap, will free all captives

AP at Washington Post  February 26, 2012

BOGOTA, Colombia — Colombia’s main rebel group said Sunday it is abandoning the practice of kidnapping and will soon free its last remaining “prisoners of war,” 10 security force members held for as long as 14 years.

The leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, announced on its website that it would no longer kidnap civilians “for financial ends,” marking the first time the rebels have unequivocally renounced a tool they have long employed against Colombia’s well-heeled.

It is not clear whether an order has been given to release ransom-kidnapping victims currently held by the rebels, whose number is not known.

The FARC did not provide a date for the liberation of the 10 security force members, two fewer than the government says it holds

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Colombian rebels to free 6 hostages, urging swaps

Among FARC prisoners Marquez named as part of a possible swap was Simon Trinidad, the highest-ranking rebel prisoner, who was jailed in the United States for kidnapping three U.S. military contractors who were rescued in 2008.

BOGOTA (Reuters) – A Colombian FARC rebel commander named six military and police captives the group pledged to free in the coming weeks and proposed a constitutional change to allow the exchange of jailed guerrillas for hostages.

Ivan Marquez, in a video released on Wednesday, called the upcoming release “an act of peace.” The bearded commander, wearing olive-green fatigues and seated at a desk in what he said were the mountains of Colombia, is a member of the drug-funded group’s seven-member governing secretariat.

The video was the latest in a series of peace messages from the nearly 50-year-old Latin American insurgent group since troops killed its leader late last year, and as President Juan Manuel Santos comes under pressure to seek an end to the war.

The six captives are some of the 11 members of the armed forces that the FARC – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – has held for more than a decade. It also holds about 300 civilians.

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UN contractor injured in rebel attack

Columbia Reports

A topographer working for the United Nations, four policemen and three workers were injured on Wednesday when alleged FARC guerrillas attacked a group of coca eradicators, authorities said.

The attack took place in the area of the Pacific coastal town of Tumaco in the south western department of Nariño.

According to national authorities, FARC guerrillas fired grenades at the group of workers who were eradicating coca and marijuana plants.

The topographer was taken to a Bogota hospital for treatment. One of the injured policemen was taken to a hospital in Cali. The other injured were treated locally.

According to the U.N., topographers are sent on eradication missions to map the locations where eradications take place.  Original Story here

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