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US oilman accused of bribing Jordan official to win contract

Lawsuit alleges Floridian wired millions to mystery man in Jordanian intelligence agency

by Penn Bullock at MSNBC.com  April 20, 2011

Harry Sargeant III, center, looks on as former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist greets Jordan's King Abdullah II in 2007.

A member of Jordan’s royal family is accusing an American oilman and former GOP fundraiser of bribing the Jordanian government to facilitate his fuel shipments through the country to U.S. forces in Iraq.

The allegation emerged in a civil lawsuit pitting the billionaire American businessman, Harry Sargeant III, against an ex-business partner, Mohammad al-Saleh, the brother-in-law of Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

Al-Saleh, the plaintiff in the case first reported by NBC News in May 2008, claims that he was cut out of a lucrative one-third share in Sargeant’s firm, the International Oil Trading Co., based in Boca Raton, Fla., and replaced by an ex-CIA official with deep contacts in the Jordanian government.

The crux of the bribery allegation involves a $9 million wire transfer from Sargeant’s firm, directed to a mysterious figure in Jordan’s intelligence agency identified in court documents only as “Pasha.”

Sargeant’s lawyers acknowledge that “Pasha” was “possibly” Gen. Mohammad Dahabi, then head of the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), Jordan’s intelligence agency. A source inside the Jordanian government confirmed that.

Kickback or legitimate payment?    Read more here

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Did a Florida Oilman Bilk You?

By Brandon K. Thorp, Fri., Mar. 18 2011 @ 2:07PM Broward Palm Beach New

All of us belt-tightening, recession-hardened Americans love “fiscal responsibility” and “free markets.”

A politician merely says the words “free markets” or “fiscal responsibility” in a sufficiently grim tone and we go wild, like little Asian girls getting their first glimpse of a 22-year-old Paul McCartney.

And nobody does “fiscal responsibility” or “free markets” like the Republican Party. Right? Right! Because Republicans respect our hard-earned dollar! Right? Right!

Except, wait a minute, here comes this little story today in the Washington Post — co-written, I should add, by an occasional New Times contributor, Penn Bullock, who also happens to be my own frequent writing partner — about Harry Sargeant III, a Delray Beach oilman who may have bilked the United States taxpayer to the tune of $200 million. And what do we find on his resume? Why, apart from being an entrepreneur, an oilman, and a frequent Republican donor, he’s also the former finance chair for the Florida Republican party!

Please read the entire post here

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