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Civilian Contractor, National Guard, Colin Erwin Injured in Afghanistan

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) –  May 10, 2012

A wounded Huntsville solider is on his way home from Afghanistan and you can show your support for him this week.

Sgt. Colin Erwin is with the 203rd MP Alabama Army National Guard. He was working as a contractor supporting the Army when the gym he was in took a direct hit from mortar fire.

Sgt. Erwin’s mother said her son suffered injuries to the torso and right leg.

Sgt. Erwin will arrive at Huntsville Airport Thursday at 10:30 a.m. He will be escorted home by friends, family and patriot guard riders.

Anyone interested in welcoming home this wounded warrior is asked to be at the Huntsville Airport by 10 a.m. Madison Fire, Monrovia Fire and Heritage Elementary will line the streets along the route on County Line Road to Old Railroad Bed Road. The family invites supporters to also line the route.

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UN contractor injured in rebel attack

Columbia Reports

A topographer working for the United Nations, four policemen and three workers were injured on Wednesday when alleged FARC guerrillas attacked a group of coca eradicators, authorities said.

The attack took place in the area of the Pacific coastal town of Tumaco in the south western department of Nariño.

According to national authorities, FARC guerrillas fired grenades at the group of workers who were eradicating coca and marijuana plants.

The topographer was taken to a Bogota hospital for treatment. One of the injured policemen was taken to a hospital in Cali. The other injured were treated locally.

According to the U.N., topographers are sent on eradication missions to map the locations where eradications take place.  Original Story here

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DynCorp Sends Injured home on their own dime….

So what happened to

DynCorp International Establishes DI Care Employee Assistance Program

We suspected all along that this program would benefit the DBA Insurance Companies more than the injured DynCorp employees.

Looks like if you go to work for DynCorp in Afghanistan you better have enough money to get home when you get injured and are no longer of use to them.  And when you get home and cannot pay your medical or household bills because AIG or CNA refuses as usual to pay benefits don’t look to this program for help.

Excellence begins with caring – I truly believe that,” said Mr. Warren. “The DI Care EAP reflects a culture of caring and commitment to our employees.”

What happened Mr. Warren?

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