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Contractor found not liable for war-zone employee deaths

Is DynCorp having employees sign a separate waiver releasing them of liability or are they relying on the normally undisclosed Exclusive Remedy Clause in the Defense Base Act insurance?

There is no DBA insurance “policy” for employees to read or sign.

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Federal Times

In a decision that could have broad implications for government contractors, the Delaware Supreme Court on Dec. 8 upheld a lower court ruling that an employee-signed agreement waiving liability precludes lawsuits for wrongful death and negligence.

On Aug. 29, 2004, John Deuley and Gerald Gibson, two civilian police officers working for a subsidiary of DynCorp International, were killed in an attack on the State Department’s civilian police headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Joseph Dickinson, another civilian police officer, was severely injured in the attack.

Deuley’s and Gibson’s wives filed wrongful death and survival lawsuits, while Dickinson filed a personal injury lawsuit against DynCorp, headquartered in Delaware.

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