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Defense Base Act Coverage for US Government Contractors Working in Japan

OWCP News Release March 24, 2011

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, various agencies of the United States may utilize the services of private contractors to provide humanitarian and other assistance as part of the global relief effort there. Workers for such private contractors are covered under the Defense Base Act (DBA) (except for certain specified instances where the Department of Labor has granted a waiver). Agency contracting personnel and private contractors should ensure that the proper DBA insurance is in place before workers are deployed overseas.

DoD and DoS contracts have been granted a waiver for non US employees.

Please keep in mind that while you must purchase this insurance it cannot be depended on to provide the stated benefits.  The Department of Labor administrates the program but has no authority over the insurance companies.  Employees may go for many years or forever without medical care and compensation.

As this insurance is normally cost reimbursable to the contract, not an expense to the contract company,  we highly recommend no one go on one of these contracts without supplemental insurance being provided. 

See our Defense Base Act Compensation Blog to read about the battle injured contractors and widows must fight for the most basic benefits as stated in the Act.

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Thousands Of U.S. Personnel Evacuated To Puget Sound From Japan

KIRO TV. com  March 19, 2011

SEATTLE, Wash. — Thousands of U.S. military and Department of Defense personnel are being voluntarily evacuated from Japan to Seattle and Joint Base Lewis-McChord following last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

The USO confirmed Friday that 15,000 U.S. personnel and their dependents will be hosted at USO centers at SeaTac and JBLM in the coming days.

The evacuation is part of the U.S. State Department’s voluntary evacuation of U.S. personnel following growing concerns at nuclear plants in Japan.

The USO said about 200,000 U.S. personnel are being evacuated from Japan to U.S. West Coast cities including San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle/JBLM.  Please read the entire story here

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Rs 140 m Japanese grant for North

Daily News Sri Lanka National Newspaper

The Japanese Government provided of US$ 876,121 (approximately Rs. 98 million) grant aid for two reconstruction and a demining projects in the North through Sarvodaya, Sewalanka Foundation, and The HALO Trust to meet the emergency needs of the area and to promote peace and development of Sri Lanka under its Grant Assistance for Grass roots Human Security Projects (GGP).

The first project is the Project for Ensuring the Long Term Food Security of Resettled Communities in the Northern Province, which will be implemented by Sarvodaya. US$ 143,004 is allocated to rehabilitate 60 agricultural wells and three irrigation channels and to construct 30 agricultural wells in Oddusudan, Maritimepattu DS divisions in Mullaitivu District and Kandavalai DS division in Kilinochchi District.

More than 2,500 families will be benefitted from the project by enhancing water access, improving farming and empowering self sustainability.

The second is the Project for Supporting the Initial Socio-Economic Needs of Resettled Communities in the Northern Province, which will be implemented by Sewalanka Foundation.

This integrated project will support livelihood activities of resettled communities by providing agricultural and fishery equipment, constructing and rehabilitating five community centers and 55 wells in Maritimepattu and Oddusudan in Mullaitivu and Vavuniya North. US$ 203,117 has been allocated to the project which is expected to benefit more than 2,500 families.

The third project will be implemented by the HALO Trust to demine and to facilitate a safety environment in Jaffna and Kilinochchi Districts. US$ 530,000 is allocated for the project and it will contribute to resettlement of more than 20,000 people. Japan has been continuously assisting demining projects in Sri Lanka since 2003 to accelerate early resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and improve lives of resettled communities and has provided a total amount of US$ 21 million (approximately Rs. 2,350 million) to-date.

The Grant Contracts between Japanese Ambassador Kunio Takahashi, and organization representatives were signed November 17, 2010 at the Embassy of Japan in Colombo. Besides these three projects, the Japanese Government also extended grant aid on November 11 for another demining project in the North. This demining project is implemented by DASH, a local demining organization, and US$ 373,200 is allocated to demine and to facilitate safety environment for more than 5,000 people in Kilinochchi district. Sixty deminers would be employed from the local community and the project will also simultaneously contribute to providing employment opportunities to the residents in the area. In total, Japan has extended US$ 1.25 million for these four projects in the North only in this year

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