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The Ronco Riff

October 25, 2012

Voluntary Today, Involuntary Tomorrow

Another Successful Flush by Wackenhut G4S

Will the last Ronco Consulting Corporation Employee out please close the lid ?

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Ronco Consulting sued for negligence by United Nations Mine Action Employee

Careful who you follow….

Fartham vs Ronco Consulting

A United Nations Mine Action Employee has filed a lawsuit against Ronco Consulting Corporation for negligence after stepping on a landmine resulting in an immediate below the knee amputation in an area previously cleared by and certified clear of landmines by Ronco Consulting.

The United Nations board of inquiry found that Ronco failed to find the mine that injured Mr Fartham as well as three other mines.

The complaint states that Ronco Consulting, acting through it’s agents and/or employee’s, breached it’s professional duty of care to Fantham and did not exercise the reasonable care and skill expected of professional mine clearance companies.

Fartham vs Ronco Consulting

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Iraq vet adjusting to life as a civilian

The Desert Valley Times

After four years of dangerous duty in Iraq, Daron finds civilian life in Mesquite to be quite an adjustment. Accustomed to 12-hour days searching for explosives, he’s not quite sure what to do with himself.

So he plays with his favorite rubber toy and slobbers a lot.

Daron is a purebred German shepherd trained to detect explosives.

“In other words, he’s a bomb-sniffing dog,” said Ilona Graham whose husband, David, adopted Daron and sent him to Mesquite after the dog was retired.

David is a site manager for Triple Canopy, a civilian defense contractor, and oversees a 12-man unit of the Baghdad Embassy Security Force. One of the duties of the unit is to be on the lookout for car bombs and other explosives that insurgents might place. That’s where Daron comes in — he was specially trained to detect explosives, and he carried out his duties diligently until he reached retirement age, about five and half years.

“One day my husband called me and said, ‘Can we adopt a dog?’” said Ilona. “Daron was retired Nov. 5 and would have been sent back to Africa (where he was trained) if we didn’t adopt him.

“He must have done something to catch my husband’s eye.”

Even though the Grahams have two other dogs and three cats, Ilona agreed, and Daron was shipped to Las Vegas.

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